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The Legend of Zelda - Tower of the Triforce

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Hello everybody !

After the release of the Zeldo's Challenge games I left the forums and the Solarus community a little bit, to work discretly on a new project... but now this project is enough advanced to do a little presentation of it... let me introduce you... The Legend of Zelda - Tower of the Triforce !
In a few words...

I began this project originally in 2017... the project was really advanced with 3 dungeons done but due to a lack of time, inspiration and motivation I decided to stop it, making after that the Zeldo's Challenge Chapter 2...
However, I decided to restart the project from 0 in the beginning of 2020... with more experience with the solarus engine than in 2017...
I'm developping the game now and I'll give you informations or news with this thread, I'll take care of it, don't worry :D


The game takes place during the fall of the Kingdom of Hyrule... only one town remains. The other places are invaded by monsters...
Where does these fall come from ? The ancient have hidden the Triforce on the top of a Tower to protect it from the desire and lust of the humans... ensuring that a Hero with a pure heart will come to find the Triforce and bring the Light in Hyrule...
However, the Hero has never come and the monsters attacked the Kingdom  :(
In this context, 100 years later, the last Zelda is calling Link, a treasure hunter, to find the Triforce. Will Link success in this mission ?

Game design:

The game will be very classical, in a pure Zelda spirit, contrary to Zeldo's Challenge games who were very crazy and humoristics... however there will be some humor but in a Zelda style...
Like in any other Zelda game there will be dungeons and in each one a specific item necessary to go further in the game...
But I have the objective to make the last dungeon (the Tower of the Trifroce) visitable very early in the game, but you'll need the items of the other dungeons to pass through this last challenge and find the Triforce to finish the game...
You will have access to a lot of regions of Hyrule in the beginning of the game to enforce the exploration and the freedom sensation, like in Zelda 1 but not at the point of Breath of the Wild.

Game duration:

I can't tell you a precise duration for the moment... the dungeons have been designed to take 1 or 2 hours to be completely explored and the overworld will be fulled by secrets and side quests... like High-Rule in the Zeldo's Challenge games... but even bigger :D my objective is to have a game of 20-30 hours lenght  :)

Development progress:

- Main Dungeons: 35%
- Side Dungeons: 10%
- Overworld (mapping, alpha version): 90%
- Main quest: 10%
- Side quests: 5%

Some points are not very precise, maybe I will change some points on the future for this category...


I hope this little preview will be give you some hype for the future release of the game :P don't hesitate to give your advices or impressions on this thread ^^ I will see you soon for further informations :D

Also, sorry for my bad English, I usually speak French so it can be a little complicated to explain some things clearly xD

I love the progress you have made on your project. I cant wait to play through it, i have already finished most of the games on solarus website. I really like the art style of those screenshots, is it like a shader you use or is it high resolution textures of zalttp?

I would like to update people on the progress of my game too. Maybe i will begin post some pictures of my main map progress or some new tiles i have made. Just sort of weird making a thread when my progress on my game is so little. I am like 10% done with tileset, 5% with mapping and 0% with coding   ::)

Btw. have you considered a wider resolution for you game? mine is 416x240 like max ocean heart, and it works very well with a greater vision and dungeon designs for me.

Hi Dianthus :)

I use a shader for the art style of the game who has been made by stdgregwar, light effects during the night or dark rooms are also from him ^^

My project has a 320x240 resolution, maybe I'll do wider resolutions but for my future games cause the design of the rooms in Tower of the Triforce has been made for a 320x240 resolution so far...

Curious to see what your project looks like in the future :P

This is gorgeous work! Well DONE!

Can't wait to play it!:)

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for the enthousiasm brlmnd and the others for the read of this thread ^^

Here is a little update for the project, as I told you I will share them here :D

Here is the update, little but important I think: the map will reveal the explored areas as the exploration progresses, the unknown ones will be hidden by clouds... just like these:

This work very easily: when the player enters in a new area, this one is not more hidden and so the map will show more and more things until it shows Hyrule in full :D

For the curious, here is the full map at this moment of the development of the game... beware spoiler !


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