Ocean's Heart Beta Testing

Started by Max, April 12, 2019, 09:40:39 PM

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I have requested a beta in about June 2019 by sending you a PM. Still I got nothing except excuses.

If you don't want me as a beta tester, please just say it openly so I have clarity and can move on. Thanks.

Hi Wuzzy. I've communicated with you twice since you sent that message, explaining that the first round of beta testers finished up, the game is undergoing some big changes, and I am planning another round of beta tests in October-November.

I'm currently between betas for Ocean's Heart, but around October-November (roughly), I'll be opening another closed beta.

If that's not working for you I understand, you're free to have the clarity you need to move on then. Thanks!

Well, then. I like to sign up for the October/November beta test, then. :)

Hello again, I just want to point out I have finally received your copy of the game and I started playtesting.

It looks pretty good so far, but I have reported a lot of bugs to you (check your inbox).


I am a big fan of Yarntown, so would love to give this a test run and provide feedback. 

Glad you liked Yarntown! Development on OH is actually pretty much done at this point and I'm past the beta testing period, but thanks. At this point there's basically only localization and a few engine bugs left before release.

Can't wait.  It looks very good.  Can't wait to play.