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Started by 20degree, August 30, 2020, 10:32:34 PM

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Well the tileset id would mostly use is the one used in the game Zelda Solarus DX. It is named ( "1" , "1.tiles.png" ) that the description is (Light World).

Here is what it look the tileset i speak of:

As you see the houses, grounds, castle, etc. Is very mixed. So for "speeding" the map creations. It could be great if i would know if there is some tileset of this sort, but there are (premade) maps that have many things organized to "copy/paste".

What i'm talking about is pre-made maps of floors and walls; with pre-made houses and castles that use the tileset i speak about. As some grass level to deep water, that the walls goes in many directions. Like turning up from the left, turning up from the right, turning down from the left, turning down from the right.

Maps as: (deep water above first to sand below / sand above first to deep water below) in many directions. As (grass to mountain / mountain to grass). As (mountain to deep water / deep water to mountain). Houses, Castle "with directions". No door / With door. Etc.

Interior of houses with walls. Interior of dungeons. And the list goes on.

If some peoples made pre-made maps like with the tilesets as mentionned and tileset used that made the ALTTP. This would definitly increase the speeding of creating maps, because of pre-made maps.

I can imagine easy, how peoples would create much more faster there maps with pre-made maps that can be copy and paste.

Thank's for your time.


There's the argument to be made that even better than that, is a tileset that- for example, arranges the house within the tileset so you don't need to use tiles from several different places. This uses more space though.

If you're using the tileset from ZSDX, you can open ZSDX and copy directly from there, if that's helpful.

Thank's for the suggestion, i will try it. One thing for sure 81 exterior "Light World" map is a lot of maps.

It gonna take me quite some time, but i wont quit about it. I always dreamed to create my own style zelda alttp game.

If you have checked my idea of the world map, going from a village to a dungeon entrance map; to again an other village to a dungeon entrance map. Following the logics writen on my old idea of the world map. Not having the world map, it can be quite very long to travel from one point to an other. The villages as VR = Village 1, Dungeon entrance 1 = B1; you can notice the difficulty to figure out where to go next. Even with the outside world map, the complexity to go from one map to an other. Its gonna be a great game.

But i wont take all the gratitudes, peoples that help me with it deserve more gratitudes beside me; because without peoples as you who help me, the game i'm creating bit by bit would not be good. Maybe i'll create into an other map that is writen on the ground, as shown on the video the words: "Solarus Games"; just to promote the solarus software and its peoples.

Once again a very big thanks to all.