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A very serious question - what kind hair is best for my hero?

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Hi guys i just used +10 hours now on trying to design my hero's hair. Basically given up with which one i think is best... Here is the ones i have reduced it down to:

Guys which type of hair do you think that are best for my hero, Coral? I am just gonna use which ever design most people like.. only solution i have at this point - cant get myself to choose and stick with it..  :)

My hero is inspired by the stop-motion movie Coraline, which features the character Coral(ine) with blue hair in a yellow rain suit..

Love that movie. One furthest to the right reads most clearly to me but you have two different perspectives for these. 2 and 4 are from a lower camera angle than 1, 3, and 5. So what angle are you other assets drawn from?

Yeah i noticed that now with 2 and 4. I didn't intend to do others angles by doing that, it was more meant to be different heights.

Dammit, i actually like the first one the most now - the hair looks more like coralines hair with the split in the middle. Gonna come up with some middle thing between the two.

I honestly dont know what angle my pixel art is drawn from, i have tried placing some of my furniture in a room with my wall textures and the angles looks off, so I had to increase the size of the top of my cabins to "fit" the walls - it still looks off though. So i am probably doing something wrong. I have just followed the style in minish cap. My trees looks weird too with some looking "flat" and more from top and more from side than others. The number 4 tree looks totally flat on top, and angles on side are off, but i cant fix it somehow and number 3 is way too down in camera angle.  :P

I edited to show what I would do.

Go with what you like then!
 I tend to draw a bit of a lower angle than Zelda- it seems like those first two trees are based of my art? Which is a tad closer to side view than the conifer, which I think is based on Minish Cap, as is more top view. I'd roughly guess (if 0⁰ is like, super Mario, totally side view), those first trees the camera is like 45⁰ up and the third is like 60⁰ up?

But then there's lots of exceptions. Google "link between worlds perspective" and you can see how they had to make things kinda lean back to make sense. It's kind of a mess and you gotta feel it out. But if you're starting, a good note is that you can see a lot more of the top surface of objects than you'd expect.

It's helpful to think in ratios. For example, if drawing a box. 45⁰ angle, the ratio of how big the top surface is to the side is about 1:1. Normal Zelda stuff, the perspective of stuff is like 2:1 top: side, whereas like old final fantasy games seemed more like 1:2 top:side.

Idk if that makes sense or helps?


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