Feature Request: equations in numerical input boxes/API code completion

Started by Graw, April 21, 2020, 02:05:53 AM

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I wanted to start by saying, the solarus engine and the editor are really great. I've enjoyed working with them so far. They're extremely straightforward and easy to use and the lua API is really powerful and a breeze to work with.

There's two minor things though that would be cool to see added. The first is something I really grew to enjoy in alphacam and the godot editor(there's probably others though) being able to enter equations in input boxes that accept numbers.

For example, in a position input box, being able to enter 16+16 and having it resolve to 32. After using software that lets you do this, being unable to seems to just make everything that much more tedious.

The other thing  I'm sure has been mentioned before but auto complete for the solarus API in the built in editor. There's a lot of methods and functions available in the API, many with fairly similar names.  There's a lot of jumping back and forth between the API docs and the editor to look up names.

I know these aren't the most important considerations, but as i've been working, these are the two features i've found I wish I had most.

I have to admit, I haven't looked at the actual source for the editor, so I'm not sure how feasible these are, but they were just a couple quality of life improventa I'd be happy to see at some future time.

If you set-up the quest editor to use ZeroBrane as an external editor for lua scripts, it includes auto-completion (in addition to some extra debugging features):