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does anyone know what this means?

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When i close the game on certain maps, this pops up...

--- Code: ---libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
libpng warning: iCCP: cHRM chunk does not match sRGB

--- End code ---

does anyone know what it means?

I've got CRC errors in a lot of png files of my project; I did not know your error but it seems similar.
I often use Gimp and still don't know what options can cause this. I thought it was Gimp that was causing this problem, but I'm pretty sure I would do the same CRC error with images created in mspaint.
imagemagick may help you to fix this problem. Just run imagemagick, open the png image and save it.
The other problem when they are a lot of images in a project is to identify what images have errors.
That's why I'm doing a report in html generated by a Powershell script (which needs imagemagick).

I don't know if you share your project online (for example with GitHub or GitLab), but it would be helpful for me to test my script with the errors you are having.

sweet man cheers for the info, I wasn't able to download imagemagick i think the site is down so i tried just making a new blank sheet and copying the sprites over and overwriting worked. was a png i had as an overlay the "map name" png i have pop up on start. which is why it wasnt happening on any of the other maps with the same tileset ect.

my project isnt online anywhere atm ive been looking into how to do it, made a github account today so it might be up soon

I created a PowerShell script that generates a report in html to detect errors (eg CRC) in .png and .bmp images.
It also makes it possible to get the color palette of the images in a folder and its sub-folders.
This script needs the ImageMagick tool.
I would like to know if some can test it and give me feedback.

would't know how to test it mate, the link above gives a 403 Forbidden error, I ended up just opening all png's with ImageMagick and saving them.....didn't take toooooooo long. only a few thousand files lmao.

if you tell me how to use it ill test it for you


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