Long Steel

Started by Starlock, September 27, 2019, 03:07:31 PM

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Hello, everyone. I've finally decided it was time for me to try and do a closed beta of my game, Long Steel.

Long Steel centers around a devious plot by the Wicken Cult to revive the Shaper of Magic, Warlock. The cultist's leader, Vex sets out on his plan to obtain Warlock's ashes, and return him to the Physical Realm. In order to stop him, you must set out on a quest to secure the ashes before Vex is able to get them. Fail to find the ashes before the Wicken do, and the world will plunged into darkness forever.

I've been working on this game in my spare time for the past four years now and I hope that some of you might be interested in helping me test it. I'm looking for all forms of feedback.

There are still some issues that aren't entirely worked out, but I feel that the game in its current iteration is well suited enough to begin proper testing. If anybody is interested please send me a PM with your gmail account. I'm going to be handing out the project via Google Drive. Thanks!


Just a brief update, I created a small trailer showing various dungeons and areas in the game.

I liked the trailed +1.. I am impressed with the amount of work you have put into your game :)

Oh, this looks super cool! Don't know how I missed it until now! Looks like a ton of stuff is going on in here, packed full! Nice job!

Awesome work! I will ask you for a link when I find some free time to play it. Thanks for sharing it.
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Brief update, I'm basically done with the game as a whole, but I could still use people to help find bugs.

How long is it? (I'm always "open" to play-testing but length of game really effects if I can commit to it or not.)

I'd say give or take the main story would take around 12 hours to complete. Even if you don't have time to do a full run every little bit of feedback helps at this stage of production.

By the way, some resources for testers could help. I walked around for a couple hours and never found where I was supposed to go after the house at the beginning. Some chats might help too, the tiny tiny range of the sword was hard for me and I died a bajillion times. Some cheats for testers could help them keep going even if the game is supposed to be hyper-punishing.

I did make some changes to the sword length and added more hints in the beginning to guide where people are supposed to go, though I suppose some beta cheats could be useful too.