One of the main promoted games is in danger of getting deleted

Started by Wuzzy2, August 08, 2019, 06:22:16 PM

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One of the main promoted games, Le Défi de Zeldo - Chapitre 2: La Tour des Souvenirs, is in current danger of getting deleted off the Internet.

If you click on "Download", the only download link you git points to MediaFire, and NOT an URL on AFAIK this is the only game where the URL points to something external.

Please be aware that MediaFire is notorious for deleting files, it's definitely possible they will delete the file one day. MediaFire is NOT suited for permanent hosting and should not be relied on.

PLEASE re-upload the game on to make sure the game is preserved. This game is far too good and should not be allowed to die. Thanks for your attention.

Source: I have had previous bad experience with broken MediaFire links because they apparently deleted the file behind the link already. IMO MediaFire should only be trusted with short-term hosting, when it doesn't matter the file will not stay online forever.

Aaaand it's still on MediaFire ...

Can't you just upload it on your own homepage yourselves? I don't think Zeldo even is allowed to upload anything directly on your homepage, if I'm not mistaken. Weird.

Or are you afraid Zeldo will sue you for copyright infringement? Lol, that's not going to happen, you do realize all code is under a free software license, right?

You have to be more afraid of being sued by Nintendo instead of Zeldo.

I am confused.