Exposure of “unofficial” games

Started by Wuzzy2, July 21, 2019, 06:41:44 PM

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Hello. This is just my opinion on the website solarus-game.org but whatever.

Basically I just wanted to say thank you a lot for giving the other "unofficial" games a chance to shine as well by giving them actual exposure right on your website, and not just bury them under 100 metric tons of forum posts like some other communities tend to do (I'm looking at YOU, minetest.net!). It's not just free exposure for ZSDX, but for many other games as well. Because there are great games from the community as well. That's exactly how a game engine website should look like. It makes the life of potential players easier to find the relevant, playable games. The list seems well-curated as well, you cannot download crap or incomplete games here.

So yeah, good job, and please keep it up(dated)! :)

Haha thanks!  ;)

This is something we wanted from the beginning when we remade the website from scratch: let shine the games made with Solarus!
In a possible future, we will offer an API to download the game listing and the games too.