New Solarus Guide from scratch i'm creating

Started by 20degree, April 22, 2019, 01:56:56 PM

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I am creating a new free pdf guide from scratch, this for Solarus version 1.6

Also i am a beginners with Solarus.

I have many starter questions that i'd like to know to learn. This to learn Solarus step by step by asking questions.

I understand that many peoples will not want to help me, telling me that to understand Solarus i must create some Solarus Games; also have some experience in creating some games.

Peoples will not want to waste there time for the questions i want to know, things i want to put into the free pdf guide i'm creating.

Here is a link that show the free Solarus v1.6 guide i'm creating from scratch:

It just have 11 pages so far. The idea is to create a question and answer guide, also a step by step guide for true beginners as for my self. The design and the colors i have made is very eye catching i can tell.


Here is guides example i have created about two softwares beside others. This if you are curious.

For the software Futurepinball (the first guide ive created about FP):

Templatetoaster free pdf guide (authorized and approved also):

The link is also on there website at:
You will notice the comment that it is approved by Templatetoaster as mentionned

So you can visualize my creations beside others.


The next question i want to write in the book of Solarus v1.6, on the next page is:

How to replace the hero default character sprite with the zelda alttp sprite (step by step).

Thank's for your time to read and to help.


Just letting you know that i have updated the guide. It is still under construction.


I don't want to be a troll, but I don't see the point. The new website will include official multi-language tutorials quite "soon".

Why don't you create a very short game instead? You would enjoy the process, and learning Lua would help you understand how to use the engine, which in turn would allow you help others in deeper stuff.
"If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you. But if you really make them think, they'll hate you."

Lol, 20degree does say they understand many people will just say "make a game", like you said Diarandor :p

Hey dude, if you learn best by making a guide, good for you and go for it. Many of the questions you will ask are covered by tutorials, which will help your book I'm sure. There is also another Solarus book someone wrote which might likely help you- you can find it on the forums.

I looked at your guide- it is very hard to read because of the busy colorful background, but if you're mainly doing it just to teach yourself I guess that's fine. Writing a book like this forces you to think more step-by-step than making a game sometimes can. Good luck, have fun.

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Hey 20degree,

Great start and nice graphics.

One thought from me, it may also be useful to base the chapters on Christopho's Youtube tutorials although you may want to change the order or expand them as you see fit.

He does also mention a lot of little nuggets of brilliant information when doing these. e.g. the Doors tutorial (32) where he mentions using dynamic tiles to hide doors and the easy way to remove them.

I use this for bomb walls rather than script them, and this could easily be added in the chapter on doors.

I also agree with Max, it may be easier on the eye if you lose the Solarus background.


Yes the guide is for my self but also for other beginners.

I think the next step is to create some empty maps that have the Zelda tiles

The idea is for beginners as my self, to create some maps from maps resources. As a copy and paste, for faster creations. That i could then create some zip file(s) that i could put some link into the guide.

Like some houses (with/without) the door. House with 1 or 2 doors and different roof. House with windows. Castle with open door or closed door. Castle that can be walked onto.

Also different parts of walls:
Mountains (high height/short height). Separating the corners, so that creators can "glue" the different corners together.
Mountains separations: (horizontal wall / vertical wall / 90degree and 45degree corners to glue the "horizontal/vertical" wall)
Wall separations as: (grass to water "deep or not deep"), again (horizontal separated wall / vertical separated wall / angles to glue the walls)
Walls as: (mountain to mountain / mountain to grass / grass to mountain / mountain to water / etc.)
Trees / Cemetary tombs / dungeons / inners / outsides / etc.

Brief create some maps zelda resrouces, so that peoples just have to copy and paste as my self. This to accelerate the map creating process.

Maybe some peoples have there own map design into some zip file. If so i would then like that by example the map would be as:
PeterB_01 , PeterB_02 , Max_01 , Max_02 , Diarandor_01 , Diarandor_02
So that i can know from who it come


I'm glad that peoples have told me that the color "white" that show in the background "solarus" make the text not too much visible.

I will then put the background "white" rise the percentage of white (to less show solarus behind). If the percentage of white should rise again, or if the white should be at 100% not showing solarus in the background; that i am wondering?

Thank's for your help.

I just have put the white in the background at 95%. Brief i have updated the look of the guide.