Is it possible to make a version of Solarus that runs in a web browser?

Started by Fox, May 04, 2019, 04:59:47 AM

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I don't always have access to a computer to design my quests, and I don't have an Android phone :-\. I'm usually stuck on a Chromebook that can't run .exe files. So, in effect, is there a way to design a version of Solarus that can run in a web browser? Maybe it can call upon local files whose directory is put into the web app. Just trying to make Solarus a bit more portable  ;)

Thanks for the help!!

It think so but I don't think it would be a small project. Unless there is a convenient cross-compiler and we can get our hands on all the dependencies and then maybe. Even that probably will not be enough. I don't do stuff online but most browsers provide their own main loop and we have to work off of that. The editor might work because I poked around and Qt seems to have some support.

But I am not an expert I just poked around a bit when I saw this.

I'm not the best programmer, not by a longshot. But I can utilize Google Search in a way that I find what I'm looking for. I found this website Heroku and it looks like it can run web apps locally. As I said before, I'm not very good at programming, but if it could read project files that are stored locally or on the cloud, that would work exceptionally well.

There is a cross-compiler that can generate WebAssembly or JS from C/C++ :

If someone motivated manage to compile libsolarus with this (the problem lies in the dependencies) then it is just a matter of 20 lines of JS and html.

I have myself no time to tackle this this semester but I wanted to do this at some point.