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Hello! Some time ago I had started (and promptly abandoned) a project in solarus using tiles from the Zelda Game Boy Color games, and since I don't plan on continuing said project, I figured making the tileset I used public is better than letting it collect metaphorical dust. It's a little crammed because I don't like having much empty space, so I'm sorry if it looks a little messy.

It's mainly Oracle of Seasons tiles because I originally wanted to have the option to change seasons (even if I didn't need that for my game); there's still a few (recolored) Link's Awakening and Oracle of Ages tiles in it, like a few dungeon entrances. Originally I made three palette versions (normal overworld, inside lost woods, and the graveyard) but I recently rearranged some of the tiles in the basic overworld one so the other two aren't up to date, and I'm not sure if there's still some rearrangement or tiles I need to do, so I'll leave them at that for a while.

The original plan was to actually try and make a Game Boy Color Zelda resource pack but... as of now I only have two tilesets (Overworld-Spring and Inside Houses), about three different item files that I need to clean up, not properly cut music, I don't even have a single npc sprite because I was using ocs... Sooo I kinda gave up on that and that brings us to just the tileset. Yay.

(Overworld Spring with Entities)

(Inside Houses)


Aw that's kinda sad for your project, but thank you for the tileset rips. These might come in handy


Yo, so recently I finally went around and continued working on the Oracle tilesets. Kind of weird because I actually wanted to do an old tileset I made last year, but as soon as I opened Solarus I just immediately went back to this project.

I renamed a few tiles that had still leftover names from the first iteration of the tileset (which I had accidentally split up into 'normal' and 'forest' even though the whole point was to make the palette swaps per tileset and not internally) so if you've started using this tilseset already to build maps... oops. Don't worry I also inflicted this on myself and needed to fix all my maps twice already and a third time is inevitable

This time I actually copied the whole folders (minus things leftover from the alttp pack and custom sprites for my project [which means there is an npc folder. With just Subrosians in it.]) so it's not just two tilesets. I manually did copy the music though because a lot of the tracks I have aren't really loop-able, and even though not all of the pieces included in this pack are cut perfectly, I felt like it'd be nice to have some sort of starter tracks.

Summa summarum, there's now twelve overworld tilesets in total, two for the inside of Houses (regular and the Hall of Secrets palette), one 'tile collection' for building Onox' Fortress and I included tiles for building Ambi's castle for good measure (they are as-is from Ages though, so the palette might not fit). Then there's the updated entity files with background so that the underlying tile doesn't show through while it's on the ground. Also I went crazy and recolored the two sorts of flowers into five different colors from the palette. I doubt you'll need any of them except for the default pink and the blue one, maybe.

Speaking of recolors, I've completed the spritesheet of items from Link's Awakening and the Oracle games, all of them recolored in the 6 palettes Oracle uses for its item sprites. I've only set up a fraction of them in the entities/item file because well... lots of sprites but who says everyone needs all of them?

Additionally to the outside and inside store maps, there's now also a dungeon_entry map with the dungeon entries from Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages and Link's Awakening rebuilt. Actually I'm starting to wonder now why I bothered with those, you could just google screenshots of the real deal and use those as reference smh

Oh and I included the font I use. And I copied my hub folder, even though I'm not sure how much of that one I'm actually even using.

(Sample maps I actually screenshotted a while ago but didn't include last time because the reworked Forest and Graveyard sets weren't finished yet)

(Preview of the Spring Overworld tileset+entities file)

That's really cool. I've been exploring the Solarus community and I keep thinking that it needs more resource packs. I've been working on putting together some Secret of Mana resources in my free time, but progress is slow. I'd be interested to help with this if you want to expand it to a more complete resource pack - I could help with adding NPCs, for instance.


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