Hero sprite error new to 1.6?

Started by wizard_wizzle (aka ZeldaHistorian), January 09, 2019, 04:13:11 AM

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I discovered something in my game today that wasn't in 1.5, so I think it may be a bug introduced in 1.6. I may a couple of maps in my game where there are a number of dynamic entities of water tiles that I disable at one point in the game (basically you drain an entire lake, and this is how it's accomplished). Now with 1.6, when I move from the top map to the bottom map, the "splashing" animation shows for a short time immediately after the transition, and then returns to the normal "walking" animation. This didn't happen in 1.5 - the transition was seamless and the player wouldn't suspect there was ever water there. Oddly enough, the same thing does not happen when moving from the bottom map to the top map, so maybe it only occurs when the hero is facing down?

It was a bug in 1.5. The ground was not correctly detected.

But the ground is not water in this case, as the water has been removed. Is there a way around this? Like can I override the ground type before the hero sprite changes if it won't detect that the entities aren't there anymore?

Ok, then it might be a bug. Can you open an issue?