Some Maps I've been working on...

Started by eliwolfe92, October 28, 2018, 12:27:28 AM

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I've only just recently as of a few weeks ago discovered Solarus but I've been having a lot of fun making maps with the Quest Editor as you can see in the imgur gallery below...

(I wasn't sure how to make my images available in the post, sorry noob here.)

I know they're not great but I thought I'd share anyway. I'll be posting more when I get time. peace

oh and Hi everyone, I'm new here.

Welcome : )
I really like the village you've got at the top, it seems nicely laid out and uses various heights in an interesting way. I appreciate how everything is sectioned and compartmentalized, but also looks easy to navigate.

Some of the other ones share a trait of having long, open borders. It's usually better to have smaller "doors" between areas, but keep it up? Are you planning on making a game?

Thanks for the feedback! The village is kinda awkward but it works/looks alright I guess (just kinda threw it together) the maps that you said are too open are the first ones I made so that makes sense. I've been trying to get better about planning before building in general. I've been learning a lot through trial and error but really just on the mapping front. I've done VERY little coding so far (no enemies or puzzles for the most part) If you'd happen to be willing to throw any advice about coding whatsoever I'd appreciate it greatly. Either way thanks for the welcome 8)

Well done Eliwolfe92!

And welcome to the community!:)

eliwolfe92, I came back to see your maps again, but the link does not work anymore.

The link does still work.

@eliwolfe92 You can embed the image in the post with the image tag. Make sure you are using a url that ends in .png for each image. Right click one of the images and choose "Copy image addess" (Chrome) or "Copy Image Location" (Firefox). Syntax is:

Note that the original link has 6 images, and I am only displaying one of them.

Looks nice! I need to improve my mapping skills.

As a side question, how do maps of this size perform? Especially curious for less powerful hardware like Android phones.

Since each entity's "on_created" function gets called when the map loads, I'm guessing Solarus loads the entire map into memory at once (as opposed to rendering only the viewport, for example).
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Another Map I've been working on, this time however I'm curious if performance would be rough on a map of this size? Could some 'tricks' perhaps be done to help performance? Any thoughts? I appreciate any feedback, thanks.

Also please forgive the atrocious ms paint hackjob. Is there a way to somehow export maps as a .png or something along those lines?

Here's the imgur link:

lastly is there a spoiler tag, this map is really large  ::)

My opinion on this map is that is too linear, it's missing the magic of an old place. ( this map )

I'm sorry to hear you don't like it, it's definitely meant to be linear (or easier to navigate in this case since it's a rather large map) Thank you for sharing your opinion though, I appreciate the feedback positive or negative.

I like the map. I see what you're going for. I like the concept of a large town with two broad paths bisecting it. It reminds me of Clock Town. You could probably improve it by making each of the quadrants distinct.

North Clocktown is basically a big park. Nature is important.
East Clocktown has city-related stuff like the mayor's office and inns.
West Clocktown has shops. Gotta get your goods from somewhere.
South Clocktown is the hustle and bustle of the city. It's the main entrance to the city, has signs that say "welcome to Clock Town", and a giant monument the city is known for right in the center.

So what's your story? Consider treating it like fanfic for a minute.

On another note, you could add more variety to the map by having an extra level of elevation.
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I do like it, I just give you the feeling I had when I look at it.

I definitely agree that it needs variety in each area, majora's mask is a great example. I kept it uniform just to see if it would even work (I ended up being off by a pixel or two in measurement)

I honestly can't remember what my immediate influence for this city was but I kind of felt like making a city from a classic final fantasy (maybe something from I-VI) Not really a story in my head for this place (definitely something I have to fix)

@brlmnd I do see what you're saying, I didn't mean to assume that it was dislike. Thanks for your reaction/view, I appreciate it

Wow, these are great! What's your general method been like for building these out? Do you sketch a rough layout, build out a tile set, and then recreate your sketch in the editor?
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