GIMP - script-fu for pixel art - rescale a charset

Started by froggy77, September 25, 2018, 11:27:11 PM

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I created another script to be used with GIMP that it is supposed to be useful for pixel artists.
The aim is to rescale a charset.

I made a lot of tests but only on Gimp v 2.10.6, so I hope there will be not too many bugs. Please save your work before.
Don't hesitate to report bugs.

See attachment file or this link

What is this kind of script?
It is explained here:
(There is often a translation of pages, just replace "en" by "fr" to get for example the french page: , it italian, es spanish, de ...)

Where to copy it?
It is explained here:

Some explanations

  • First, configure your image grid according to current tiles.
  • Then, start the script. It appears in the menu /Filters/pixelart-rescale-charset of GIMP
  • Next, set the new values.
  • Finally, press OK and pray it works!