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Started by Saeion, July 20, 2018, 12:00:37 PM

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Couldn't find a definite answer to this on the site yet, and I didnt quite understand the Tutorial on it 100%

In terms of Sprites, Tilesets etc... what is the pixel size for them to be usable with this engine? I have some resources that I would like to use, however they're mostly on a 32x32 size or 24x24 size. 

The Tutorial mentioned more for a 16x16 tile set, but then there are some which are 16x24, 32x32 for stairs etc... so I m wondering if theres a template I should follow so I'll make sure my resources are in a format which the game engine will read.

Thanks in advance once again! :)

As long as you're working with multiples of 8 (8, 16, 32, 128, 640, etc) when you build a tileset in the program, the engine will be fine. There are a couple restrictions, like diagonal wall tiles have to be square. That said, the engine right now expects the player sprite to be about 16x24, give or take a couple pixels, and items (pickups and stuff) all have to be 16x16.

Since you build each tileset yourself in the program, it doesn't matter where the tiles are in the set, or how large they are, since you'll be telling the engine that as you build.

You did see this tutorial, right?:

Thanks for the answer! You gave me everything I needed to know!

Yes thats the tutorial I saw, unfortunately I got a bit confused by the 16x24 tileset and if it had to be in a certain way (since the resource packs have that pattern) and at a specific tile size.

Thanks again!

Yeah, with this whatever tile you want can be anywhere. If you want a really poor organization system, you can go ahead and do that to yourself, lol : )

Nah they're Well organized but in a RPGMaker Format since that was the engine I was going to use before I found this :)

Is it Possible with a Script to have Character Sprites exceed that limit? As I have some which are around the 24x24 Size

I thought you might have been coming from that background based on your question, lol. It's nice to not be beholden to some random number and layout of tiles.

Since you also have to create each sprite in the editor, those don't need to be any particular size either. Many of my enemies and NPCs are 24x24 or larger. The default hitbox for NPCs is still 16x16, but the displayed sprite can be whatever size you want. If it's huge you may need to do something to work around the 16x16 hitbox. For example, boats in my games are NPCs that have like 128x96 sprites, so I use wall entities to keep the player from walking through them.

Haha, you have nice deduction skills :D Thanks for all the information, Pretty much assured me that switching to this engine would be a great idea!