<SOLVED> [ALttP Pack] Not able to use in Quest Editor V1.5.3?

Started by cr4ck3rw0lf, July 04, 2018, 06:01:15 AM

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Hi there, im relatively new to solarus and have started by grabbing some of the available resource packs on github. However im having an issue with most if not all of the packs.

im currently using whats available on the download page of the website (Solarus Quest Editor v1.5.3 Windows 10) and every time i try to launch one of these packs, i get an error prompt telling me i need version 1.6 to open the quest files. I'm led to assume that 1.6 is coming real soon then?

for now ive downloaded a previous version of the pack (which thankfully exists in the branches section) but i thought i would let you guys know.