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Hello all! I'm needing somebody who can create a remix of the following song using the ALttP soundfont: (title screen) (longer version)
The ALttP asset pack has most of the music I need for my game, but I want this song in the game as well for the title screen and important cutscenes. Send me a message if you're interested and we can discuss prices.

If you are talking to Zelda fans I don't know if price is what to consider  :) . But if this is from the CDI game, I assume it is pre-recorded audio? Ie. Not a sequence like MIDI or SNES format. If that is that case (its a format like .wav or .mp3 or embedded in a video) then a new-soundfont remix would be unfeasible, unfortunately. The song would have to be entirely re-made.

Edit. BUT if you have a midi file or similar it would be very easy! Do you have one??

I'm afraid not, and I suspected it would need a total remake. I just meant the melody would be the same but recreated in the ALttP style.

What's your timeframe for this? I'm currently moving and my studio is in total disarray, but I've been meaning to look into getting a soundfont player working. Do you have the ALTTP soundfont?

I don't have the soundfont, nor a particular timeframe. Just sometime between now and whenever the game is complete, and who knows when that will be. It's low on my list of priorities to include but I figured I'd cast the line out early rather than scrabble around furiously later on when there's nothing else I need to put in. But I imagine the soundfont wouldn't be too difficult to find, as plenty of ALttP remixes of Zelda songs exist out there.


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