Fire temple difficulty

Started by Ezka, November 03, 2016, 08:40:39 PM

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Sorry I am posting so much, I am just sick and this is all I am doing. In the fire temple, the puzzles you have to use medusa to light the torches are very rage inducing. For the first one, which is where the medusa is in the middle and the torches are on the outside, the time it takes for it to fire and hit you is almost instantaneous, making it to the only way I could defeat it is by getting hit once, making it so I don't fall off, then while I am immune to damage it shoots through me to hit the torch. For the second one, it is the same, whenever you get hit, it hits you off and takes 3/2 hearts ( damage plus fall ). It is just to hard. The thing that bugs me most however, is that when you die, you have to do the whole thing over again, get to the room ( about 1 minute of lighting torches ) and then redo the puzzles. I love how you remade the game in solarus, but this part is just way to hard.

I don't think it is harder than the original game though. It was already very tough.

It is, I looked at someone who beet the original and there was a huge difference.

Ok I will check that for the next bugfix release.