Cooperative game creation

Started by LOZHewitt, May 14, 2018, 01:28:52 AM

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Have some projects for 4 games, will try to do most of the work, but I don't know LUA, 1 will be a more true to heart remake of Zelda #1, but only because two of the games are prequels, and the 4th one is a fully redesigned conversion of "The Adventure of Link" into an ALTTP format/gameplay.

even though I will try to do as much as possible (non-programming), but credit will be 50/50, but at same time, I'm not looking to make a quickie, or a mod, I'm making it from the ground up and as such I want someone who is total, uber programmer.

Have you tried watching Christopho's Youtube tutorials? Just learning the mapping will give you a good start on building a game. Also, there are a lot of aspects to making a game, not simply the programming. Are you going to seek help for those aspects as well? Finally, there is BS The Legend of Zelda, which you could probably use as a reference or recycle some of the assets from.

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BS Zelda looks pretty nice for a redone 16-bit version of LOZ 1.

Also, yeah Christopho's tutorials can help you a lot, like it did with me when I started. Also, consider learning Lua since it is a more forgiving programming language and can be used outside of Solarus as well.

It may take some time to understand Lua without any of the basics of programming, but it will be very useful once you know it