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Started by Drew3296, October 02, 2020, 07:07:21 PM

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So I am working on a Star Wars game that uses the Solarus Game Engine. I am working on making it a massive sandbox game similar to GTA5 but with a story. You'll get your bounty hunter missions from NPCs at the Mos Eisley Cantina. The bartender will be Richard Pryor.

So far I've been doing mostly tile mapping and doing sprite replacement for the basic enemies that are built into a new game. I swapped out the Yellow Slim sprite with a Jawa and I really liked how cute it made the Jawa and funny. For the skeleton I am going to make that into IG-88 since it can still operate after losing it's head and arms. But I am going to need some more .lua enemies scripts from other places as I am not good at scripting, just art.

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Super cool. I really like the graphics and tiles. What is the resolution of those? Its look like more pixels than 16x16 pixels. I always wanted to try making vector graphics with high pixel graphics.

I am learning lua scripting right now too, though its going slow. Good I am not planning to do programming as career.

I look forward to how your project goes in the future. Hope its development will go faster than mine. I am trying to make a large project too, but i dont have alot time for it outside college.

Looks good! Keep slowly but steadly working on it. Want to see where this goes.
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I recognize that tile-set! You're using Yoda's Stories tiles; I totally forgot about that game but that's an excellent idea.

If I remember correctly that game only had 3 environments, Ice Planet, Snow Planet, and Forest Planet. You could also look at 'Indiana Jones' Desktop Adventure' for some additional tiles in the same art style. It could help add some diversity to the environments for some additional planets.

Quote from: Drew3296 on October 02, 2020, 07:07:21 PM
The bartender will be Richard Pryor.

Love the reference.  You could also put Bea Arthur and Harvey Korman in for some Holiday Special references (Maybe even make them targets).   

It would be nice to see some different playable character choices and dynamic upgrades .  Not to the extent of customizable, but still more personalized. 

Could eventually get contracts with Jaba.  Great idea.  Can't wait to play this one.