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Started by dpro_games, March 07, 2018, 08:19:01 PM

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Hello, I don't know how to change the .exe icon. I have already done the pics with all the needed size but I don't know how to set it to the .exe which launch the game directly.
Thank to help me  :)

The easiest way is to make a shortcut to the real .exe and to set the icon of the shortcut.
If you want to really change the icon of the .exe, you have to recompile it :P which is a nightmare with Windows the first time.

Ok thanks for the answer. The idea of the shorcut is not what I am wanted.

So what is the esiest way to recompile it? With what compiler (code blocks)? I'am a total beginner, do you think I can do it?

Sorry but I'm going to speak French.

J'ai pas mal regarder dans le github de solarus par moi même. Pour changer l'icone lors de la compilation il me suffirait de changer le "default_icon.png" (gui/ressources/images) avant de recompiler ?
J'ai une autre question : c'est le gitub de la 1.6, non ? -> Je ne vais pas avoir des problème à cause de ça après ?
Merci d'avance