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Hello! I'm regularly updating this post to reflect progress on this game. Ocean's Heart is a game I started in about March of 2017 in order to teach myself to use the Solarus Engine and learn some coding. The most recent update was October 11th, 2018.
I've been using twitter to regularly post screenshots and news about my game, so follow me there for frequent news!:

The game follows the journey of a girl whose father left their town six months ago to defeat pirates that attacked and kidnapped another girl. She spends most of the game following his trail and uncovering the plot that's kept him away for so long. I'm aiming for a cross between Zelda: The Wind Waker, and the Witcher 3:Wild Hunt, emphasizing exploration and interesting side-plots. I'm not trying to emulate Zelda in its entirety, so there's a few differences in my approach to dungeons, player power progression, depth of sidequests, etc. The final game is on track to be 5-8 hours long depending on how much exploration the player is interested in.

The game, rough estimate, is about 70% complete. There are currently several islands to explore, a small handful of dungeons (some larger, some smaller), items and abilities to find, many sidequests, and a main quest that I'm estimating might take a few hours to get as far as you currently can. You could reasonably sink 3-5 hours into the game right now if you wanted to exhaust every side quest and find every hidden power-up and treasure. At the moment, I'd like to release Ocean's Heart in 2019, but you know how video game releases go.

I've decided to take down the demo I had for now, since much about the game has changed and it was starting to become less than representative. It's just confusing for the both of us when people ask questions and I've already changed a lot. I'm planning another small demo sometime in the next few months that is a better vertical slice and will stand alone. If you're interested in testing or doing a let's play, send me a message or email and I might be able to hook you up with a playable build!

Here's a short, low-quality trailer of some areas:
(there's no way to embed youtube videos on this forum, is there?)

And some screenshots:

Wow, these screenshots look amazing!
Where do the graphics come from?

To share your project, just make a zip file with both your data folder and Solarus (solarus.exe and the DLLs).

Really beautiful.  *_*

This looks just amazing :O
I can't wait to play it ^^

Awesomely awesome! Really beautiful graphics. This community needs more projects like yours. Nice work.

Question: Which is the license of the tilesets/sprites?


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