GIMP - script-fu for pixel art - get palette and draw it into another image

Started by froggy77, February 15, 2018, 02:13:13 AM

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I created a script to be used with GIMP that it is supposed to be useful for pixel artists.
The aim is to get the colors palette of an image and to help to detect the similar colors that could be replaced.

This is a beta version, I hope there will be not too many bugs. Please save your work before. ::)
Don't hesitate to report bugs.

See attachment file

What is this kind of script?
It is explained here:
(There is often a translation of pages, just replace "en" by "fr" to get for example the french page: , it italian, es spanish, de ...)

Where to copy it?
It is explained here:

Some explanations

- It appears in the menu /Filters/pixelart-get-palette of GIMP
- It opens a pop-up window where you can change the width and the height of the "tile" which represents one color.
By default, I put width = 16 pixels and height = 10 pixels, but you can change these values editing the script.
SF-ADJUSTMENT    "Width"        '(16 1 50 1 10 0 SF-SLIDER)
SF-ADJUSTMENT    "Height"        '(10 1 50 1 10 0 SF-SLIDER)
- It allows to get palette of the selection or the image and draw it into another image.
- There is a maximum of 256 colors in your image or in your selection, otherwise the script will not work.
- If there is a selection, only the selected layer and its selection are taken into account.
- If there is no selection, all layers are taken into account.
- For the moment, the script does not sort colors. Maybe in the future.

Several years ago, I posted some scripts on but the site is still in maintenance. So, why not to share it to Solarus community which is one of my favorite forum and where I noticed several gimp users and pixel artists... ;)