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Started by Diarandor, December 16, 2017, 01:13:56 AM

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The game "OKAMI HD" is finally available on Steam!!! People say this is one of the best non-Zelda Zelda games, and it even has a bark button!!! ;D I tried it once with an emulator but it ran too slow on my computer and was unplayable... but now I will definitely buy it on Steam when I get some free time to play it.
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I can only tell one thing : it's a nice game -100%'d it on the Wii version-. Took it on Steam to enjoy the enhanced resolution, wanted to do a small session just to test with an actual controller, playing as if it was the very first time, just following the quest the intended way, and... ended stopping at the start of the first real dungeon 4 hours later ! (one thing i remarked thou is it still has the typos (french) from the Ps2 original release, evec after those years XD)

one note and a personal though : this game will play at the original 30 FPS, which has triggered a big debate on the Steam forums, some people just wanting -not- to buy it just because of this only reason, and refusing to understand the technical issues of unlocking framerate, since the whole mechanic is based on the 30FPS timing. i won't go in more details, and this game needs more than a framerate war to have at last the success it desserves since too long.