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Started by wizard_wizzle (aka ZeldaHistorian), September 18, 2017, 07:49:53 PM

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PC Gamer did an awesome little article on our own Christopho and his excellent engine, Solarus! If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend the read!  :D


Great to see good work recognized, and we all know that Christopho has done some great work with Solarus!

I hope there will have no problem with Nintendo reading the comments on PC Gamers. I thought the article was understandable but apparently not for all...  :o
Solarus engine and its editor don't contain Nintendo's resources, so there is no risk normally. Only the fan games contain them. That is why I think it is good to move away from official Zelda world.

Yes, people are bashing Solarus because they think the project is only a ROM hack...

Clearly most people didn't actually read the article, which is really frustrating, but also totally normal on the internet. No one involved in the Solarus engine is actually concerned with DMCA because of the smart way Christopho separated the engine, games, and resources. Me, on the other hand - a little worried, lol