Script Editor Question

Started by Kuroodo, September 19, 2017, 01:37:34 AM

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Hi, I'm new to Solarus!

I've never used scripts/lua before, only OOP languages with an IDE. So bare with me if I am confused.

I was messing around with the quest editor and I found the script editor to be a bit lacking. Maybe it's just my lack of knowledge, but it doesn't seem to have any form of intellisense and other features that I normally find in an IDE. For example, when I type random letters into already existing scripts, there aren't any error highlights.

Are such features included with the script editor? If not, is there any support for third party editors?


The integrated script editor is quite basic, yes. Since the latest version there are line numbers and syntax coloring but no advanced features like error highlighting or autocompletion (yet).
But you can edit your Lua scripts with any external text editor.