New main threads/topics that should be added to the forum

Started by paragonx9, August 07, 2013, 09:44:11 PM

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The main forum page looks like it could use a little more pages there, doesn't it? (feel free to add to this)
In the "game art" thread I read in the description that it said "art or sound", you should rename it to "Game art and music" or something of that sort, I thought for a while that there was no music thread! xD
Another thread/topic that I believe should be added is some sort of "script repository" where Solarus programmers can share/request some scripts for Solarus. The admins should get us started by posting 1 or 2 scripts there  ;)
Feel free to add anything else.

Whoops, sorry, I forgot that that's what the dev board is for! Sorry, my bad :S

Yep, but I think Development thread is too focused on the quest and not on the engine itself.

For example, I would like to start a topic where I could explain how to compile the engine on windows (with the link to an archive containing libraries needed, maybe they will not be good but I think it's better than just searching in all the internet for these libraries : it's a base where we can start a work), because it's just a pain in the ass to find all the elements by yourself.

But the Development seems to be specifically for scripts and quests, not really tuto on the engine itself. I think a subdivision of Development (or another thread) for the engine could be a good thing, more clear.

You make a good point  ;D but aren't there instructions for that already?
although a video tut would be nice too

Thanks for your suggestions.
I renamed Game art to Game art & music, and I changed the description of Development to something clearer and more general.
Since the forum is new and quite empty for now, I don't want to make a lot of boards for now.

Quote from: paragonx9 on August 08, 2013, 08:03:17 AM
You make a good point  ;D but aren't there instructions for that already?
although a video tut would be nice too

Yes, but it's very easy for the linux version, but there is a nightmare part for windows user. I would like to clarify this nightmare part by giving some dll "by default"... In some case, it could encourage new users to not give up, if Christopho wasn't here to help me on the irc chan, I think i probably gave up

I don't understand what java applet ? ^^' (beside, I think we're going off topic x) )

I was talking about the github version, not the release version. But yes, for a lot of people, this version should be fine if you don't want to blown your head with compilations errors :p