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The main forum page looks like it could use a little more pages there, doesn't it? (feel free to add to this)
In the "game art" thread I read in the description that it said "art or sound", you should rename it to "Game art and music" or something of that sort, I thought for a while that there was no music thread! xD
Another thread/topic that I believe should be added is some sort of "script repository" where Solarus programmers can share/request some scripts for Solarus. The admins should get us started by posting 1 or 2 scripts there  ;)
Feel free to add anything else.

Whoops, sorry, I forgot that that's what the dev board is for! Sorry, my bad :S

Yep, but I think Development thread is too focused on the quest and not on the engine itself.

For example, I would like to start a topic where I could explain how to compile the engine on windows (with the link to an archive containing libraries needed, maybe they will not be good but I think it's better than just searching in all the internet for these libraries : it's a base where we can start a work), because it's just a pain in the ass to find all the elements by yourself.

But the Development seems to be specifically for scripts and quests, not really tuto on the engine itself. I think a subdivision of Development (or another thread) for the engine could be a good thing, more clear.

You make a good point  ;D but aren't there instructions for that already?
although a video tut would be nice too

Thanks for your suggestions.
I renamed Game art to Game art & music, and I changed the description of Development to something clearer and more general.
Since the forum is new and quite empty for now, I don't want to make a lot of boards for now.


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