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Development / Re: No Scroll Bars on Map Editor/Wheel Click Not Working?
« Last post by PeterB on January 04, 2022, 09:57:26 PM »
You also can drag and move around maps by holding down the mouses scroll wheel, well that's what mine does  ;)
Development / Re: No Scroll Bars on Map Editor/Wheel Click Not Working?
« Last post by AhemPrema33 on December 31, 2021, 09:02:46 PM »
Ok final update.  As I assumed it was something silly and obvious that I was missing.  If starting with an overworld map, as I was planning, you have to change the size of the entire map - which I thought referred to the individual screens.  Ok now to have some fun with it lol!
Development / Re: No Scroll Bars on Map Editor/Wheel Click Not Working?
« Last post by AhemPrema33 on December 31, 2021, 08:25:41 PM »
Update - I figured it out, though I still hope there is an alternative fix.  I have a fairly large monitor and used the windows 10 scaling feature at 125%.  When I change this back to 100% both scroll bars are there and I can scroll.  I can use it now Yay!

UPDATING this update haha - Turns out that didn't fix the problem . . . The scroll bars still disappear in a full screen window, and even when they are there in a smaller window, they don't scroll as far as they should.  I do think it has something to do with the display settings and my monitor.  I'll keep playing - again, any help is appreciated!

It would be nice to not have to do this.  Doesn't really matter if the scroll bars are present - but that shouldn't need to also make the mouse wheel drag not work as well (I think? lol.)

Thanks!  And hopefully this might help someone else in the future.
Development / No Scroll Bars on Map Editor/Wheel Click Not Working?
« Last post by AhemPrema33 on December 31, 2021, 08:09:49 PM »

I just downloaded the editor today and started playing with it, thank you!

I have searched the forums and have been unable to find the issue I seem to have.
On the map editor window, I do not have any scroll bars (either to the right or underneath.)  Nor can I click and drag with my mouse wheel.  I CAN cntrl and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom - but I can't drag.  Basically I can't move my perspective of the map in any way . . .

Unless I drag the entire program screen to be smaller, at a certain point I get the scroll bar on the bottom, as well as the mouse wheel drag working horizontally - but no matter how I shape the window, I never get the vertical scroll bar.

I imagine there is something very simple I am missing, but I've watched several videos and searched the forums and don't see anything.  Any help would be appreciated!
Your projects / The Legend of Zelda - Forgotten Legend
« Last post by Zeldo on December 12, 2021, 08:55:25 AM »
Hello everybody !

It's been a long time since I didn't post a thread on these forums... don't worry, I'm not dead, I'm always working on some Zelda fangames :P
Unfortunately I left Tower of the Triforce on the side... but to work on another fangame actively... let me introduce you The Legend of Zelda - Forgotten Legend !

Trailer and Download link (beta 0.1):

In a few words...

This project is again a remake of an old project I never released... it was my first project made with Solarus, when I discovered the engine, back in 2015 !
I'm actively working on the project since april 2021 and I'm currentely working on it, adding new stuff progressively.
You must know that the game is playable in a beta version, that I will update until the final release !
So you can download the game and play it, if you want. There is a download link in the description of the trailer above... this project is in a beta state, so you may encounter bugs, not final stuff, a risk of corrupted savegame with later versions. The beta version is not in English too but I will do an English version for the release 1.0, as I did for my Zeldo's Challenges :)
The game is currently in development and I will give you informations and updates in this thread. The release should be for... later 2022 or 2023 :D


Forgotten Legend has for purpose to tell the first hero adventures and the origins of Darkness and Calamity Ganon... Hyrule is in a golden age, that's the opposite of Tower of the Triforce. Zelda called Link, an Hylien who lived among the Kokiris, at Hyrule Castle. You can't refuse the request of Zelda. It's the beginning of a new and epic quest in the Kingdom of Hyrule...

Game design:

The game will be in a pure Zelda spirit with a lot of quests, exploration and dungeons. There will be side quests too and a lot of mecanics inspired by most of the games in the series.

Game duration:

I can't tell you a precise duration for the moment... the beta version has 4 to 6 hours lenght. My final purpose is to make a complete game of 20-30 hours lenght :)

Development progress:

- Main Dungeons: 25%
- Side Dungeons: 10%
- Overworld (mapping): 60%
- Main Quests: 25%
- Side Quests: 10%

Some points are not very precise, maybe I will change them on the future for this category...


I hope this little preview will be give you some hype for the future release of the game :P don't hesitate to give your advices or impressions on this thread ^^
If you want to play the beta version, don't forget to let me your remarks and observations. I will make for you the best possible gaming experience :D
 I will see you soon for further informations :)

Also, sorry for my bad English, I usually speak French so it can be a little complicated to explain some things clearly xD
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« Last post by ancapgamer on November 26, 2021, 04:04:40 AM »
No such luck, unfortunately - I just pulled the SD card out of my RetroPie and had my computer search the entire file structure - it didn't find any "error.txt".  :(
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« Last post by Max on November 25, 2021, 03:44:18 AM »
Huh, that's odd. That actually sounds like the kind of thing that would generate a code error, can you find the error.txt?
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« Last post by ancapgamer on November 24, 2021, 02:56:04 AM »
Well, that's an unfortunate bug to run into.

I got my copy off of GOG and got it installed and running on Win10, and it runs beautifully and looks good too, just for the record.

But when I transferred the "data.solarus" file to the appropriate ROMs folder on my RetroPie and booted it up, I ran into a problem right on the title screen - it loads up just fine, but none of the menu options are there. The animations are still moving, so I know the game didn't freeze, but there's just no menu to navigate, so I can't start the game.
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« Last post by Max on November 23, 2021, 06:51:44 PM »
You ought to be able to! The game can be run by the Solarus engine on any of its ports. I think some raspberry pis have a limit on the size of .png files that can be loaded or something though? But I did some searching on the Solarus discord channel and from what I can tell, I was told about the size limit (2048px it seems), so I resized the tilesets down to be 2048px, so they ought to not cause any issues. I think others have run the game on RPi, but I'm not sure, so let me know if there are any issues.
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« Last post by ancapgamer on November 23, 2021, 02:17:23 PM »
Would it be possible to get this game running on the RetroPie port of Solaris?

I'm perfectly happy to make a Steam or GOG purchase as part of the process - I would just like to be able to have the game as part of my RPi games collection.
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