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Ended up buying an android-compatible gamepad (my previous ones were tied to a custom retropie and a hacked SNES Mini), so...   At least as the OP, I've now got access to playing it with a pad, as Glob intended.
Soooooo...   I have a couple of devices that I can play roms and such on, via emulation - and that's where I have controllers, gamepads, etc.   I suspect that a great many people, especially now that there are people using S/NES minis with Hakchi, are in the same circumstances.

Which means that while I can (and am) playing these games by keyboard, I'd be ecstatic if they were available in rom form or some other filetype that an emulator could theoretically read.  For that matter, if Solarus could export projects as such files, I'd be extremely tempted to use it for making my own; I feel like an audience would be there ready-made, you know?