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So I started looking into things with Secret of Mana and I started some graphic rips. I started on the house tileset since it seems to have fewer animated things than the outside of Potos. I used a map from vgmaps. It's disorganized, nowhere near an actual tileset, but it's a start.
One problem I see is that it seems tile animations in Secret of Mana are 6 frames, while Solarus exclusively uses 3 frame animations. Is there any way around this? I haven't bothered to add the rest of the frames of animation to tiles like the candle and stove because of this, and also because I'll have to go into the emulator and fiddle a bit to get them.

Those seem like good choices. I never played Secret of Mana but I really should.

I’m interested in contributing the community and I think it would be cool to (over a period of time) create a new resource pack for Solarus based on a game other than A Link to the Past. I’m not sure what game might be a good choice, though, so I’d like to hear what people might suggest. Obvious choices are other Zelda games, but I think it would be more interesting for me personally to move outside of the Zelda sphere. Such a game would of course need to have similar gameplay to a Zelda top-down game, but it should also be a game that people would be interested in making fan games out of.

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