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General discussion / Re: Solarus engine port to GCW Zero
September 06, 2014, 01:09:53 AM
I'm not sure, but I think it supports C++11 as the latest toolchain is using gcc 4.9.1.

Thanks again ;D
General discussion / Re: Solarus engine port to GCW Zero
September 01, 2014, 11:26:49 PM
The guys from dingoonity have been testing the 1.3 build last days, so I think it's ok.
Here's the binaries: (Solarus OPK) (ZSDX) (ZSXD)
Hello again Christopho!
Good news, the new GCW-Zero firmware with proper SDL2 support was released :D
I've compiled solarus 1.3, but I'm still with the fullscreen problem, any tips or workaround I can use?

Yep, it's working fine forcing fullscreen mode.
I'm still waiting for the new GCW-Zero firmware public release though.
I don't know if due SDL2, LuaJIT or both, but now Solarus is running smoother than ever before.
Hi Christopho!

I'm testing a pre-release of the new GCW-Zero firmware that seems to be working well with SDL2 :)
My question is, what's the best way to fix/force fullscreen mode for that device?
Thanks for the fast reply, Christopho ;D

It's SDL 2.0.3. I've just used windowed mode, which is the default. I'll give a new try using fullscreen as soon as I get my device in hands tonight.

Thanks for the tips!

EDIT: it worked on fullscreen  ;)
Hello Christopho, long time no see you ;)

Well, I'm building solarus 1.2 for GCW-Zero, as the latest toolchain (2014-05-05) included LuaJIT and experimental SDL2.
The building process ocurred just fine, but I noticed a strange behavior, the screen is being displayed at 640x480 using "normal" video mode, and my maximum resolution is 320x240, so it only displays 1/4 of the screen.

To successfully test the application, I had to force a lower resolution video mode on Video.cpp:

  // Initialize hardcoded video modes.
  const Rectangle quest_size_1(0, 0, quest_size.get_width(), quest_size.get_height());
  const Rectangle quest_size_2(0, 0, quest_size.get_width() * 2, quest_size.get_height() * 2);
  const Rectangle quest_size_3(0, 0, quest_size.get_width() * 3, quest_size.get_height() * 3);
  const Rectangle quest_size_4(0, 0, quest_size.get_width() * 4, quest_size.get_height() * 4);
  all_video_modes.push_back(new VideoMode("320x240", quest_size_1, NULL, NULL));
  all_video_modes.push_back(new VideoMode("normal", quest_size_2, NULL, NULL));
  all_video_modes.push_back(new VideoMode("scale2x", quest_size_2, new Scale2xFilter(), NULL));
  all_video_modes.push_back(new VideoMode("hq2x", quest_size_2, new Hq2xFilter(), NULL));
  all_video_modes.push_back(new VideoMode("hq3x", quest_size_3, new Hq3xFilter(), NULL));
  all_video_modes.push_back(new VideoMode("hq4x", quest_size_4, new Hq4xFilter(), NULL));
  default_video_mode = all_video_modes[0];

As a newbie in SDL2, I wonder what would be the expected behavior, should the screen be automatically resized to my resolution (320x240)? Perhaps the experimental SDL2 provided by GCW-zero team is not yet complete...
General discussion / Re: Solarus engine port to GCW Zero
September 25, 2013, 05:00:35 PM
Hello again Christopho :)

I'm trying to remap the keyboard key names according to GCW-Zero, so I've modified the lowlevel/InputEvent.cpp using something like this:

#ifdef GCWZERO
  keyboard_key_names[InputEvent::KEY_UP]                    = "up";
  keyboard_key_names[InputEvent::KEY_DOWN]                  = "down";
  keyboard_key_names[InputEvent::KEY_RIGHT]                 = "right";
  keyboard_key_names[InputEvent::KEY_LEFT]                  = "left";
  keyboard_key_names[InputEvent::KEY_BACKSPACE]             = "R";
  keyboard_key_names[InputEvent::KEY_TABULATION]            = "L";
  keyboard_key_names[InputEvent::KEY_RETURN]                = "start";
  keyboard_key_names[InputEvent::KEY_ESCAPE]                = "select";
  keyboard_key_names[InputEvent::KEY_SPACE]                 = "Y";
  keyboard_key_names[InputEvent::KEY_LEFT_SHIFT]            = "X";
  keyboard_key_names[InputEvent::KEY_LEFT_CONTROL]          = "A";
  keyboard_key_names[InputEvent::KEY_LEFT_ALT]              = "B";
  keyboard_key_names[InputEvent::KEY_PAUSE]                 = "power down";

Doing this the controls doesn't work anymore, I've even edited manually the save.dat file to match the new names with no luck. Am I missing something? 

General discussion / Re: Solarus engine port to GCW Zero
September 17, 2013, 03:01:26 AM
Thanks Christopho!
See the results by yourself  :P
General discussion / Re: Solarus engine port to GCW Zero
September 16, 2013, 03:48:08 PM
Thank you Christopho, good to know that.
General discussion / Re: Solarus engine port to GCW Zero
September 16, 2013, 03:33:29 PM
I'm using the git version for both Solarus and ZSDX, so it's using .it musics. I still unable to profiling on the real device, so I do not know for sure where the bottleneck is.

I will recompile the libraries and the engine using a new version of the GCW toolchain, perhaps we can get a small performance improvement.
General discussion / Re: Solarus engine port to GCW Zero
September 16, 2013, 03:00:43 PM
Hello again fosamax, nice to meet you Christopho!

I almost did not need to make changes to have a Solarus working version on GCW-Zero, I just needed to compile some additional libraries, openal, for example.

I still did not release a public version because I'm trying to improve performance, it's playable but not at full speed. I replaced the use of std::list to std::vector for sprites allocation, but I did'nt feel much of improvement.

Thank you for sharing this great piece of software ;)