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Development / Re: About color text dialogs
April 17, 2017, 09:08:14 PM
MetalZelda, I added the dialog_style options to my dialog box - I actually had forgotten this wasn't standard.
Code (lua) Select
function game:set_dialog_style(style) = style
  if style == "wood" then
    dialog_box.box_img = sol.surface.create("hud/dialog_box_wood.png")
  elseif style == "stone" then
    dialog_box.box_img = sol.surface.create("hud/dialog_box_stone.png")
    dialog_box.box_img = sol.surface.create("hud/dialog_box.png")

I also recently added the ability to pass, for example, an NPC name to the dialog box so it would display above it. This might be a useful feature. I also know someone (maybe it was Diarandor?) added NPC images to the dialog box, which could be a good standard feature.
Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
April 13, 2017, 02:54:56 PM
Haha, yeah, we could start a new topic to discuss in more depth. I stuck with the $[color_name] syntax and defined any of the colors I used in the scripts. I preferred this method because then all of my colors and tags were consistent and I didn't have to remember RGB values. Adding another $ just seems unnecessary to me, and it's more to parse out in the script.
Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
April 12, 2017, 03:13:01 AM
I switched to a monospace font with the new version. I haven't encountered any more spacing issues with the English version.
Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
April 10, 2017, 02:59:53 PM
It can definitely wait, and that would be amazing! Thanks so much!
Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
April 08, 2017, 11:59:56 PM
If anyone is fluent enough in Spanish or French and would like to help out, I've committed the beginning of those translations at Basically the images and basic strings are translated, but I'm not fluent enough to do all of the dialogs (I'm thinking straight Google Translate would give abysmal results, lol).
When I create a text surface, I can draw it near a custom entity by using draw_visual from on_post_draw, but when I try to apply a fade_in or fade_out to that surface (which the api says is general to all drawables) it doesn't seem to do anything. Is this a bug? Has anyone else tried this and succeeded?
Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
March 11, 2017, 08:08:29 PM
Thanks! He's the blacksmith in the southern section of town, not far from your house.
You can use a break statement in Lua, so it should be pretty easy to accomplish (as long as they're named sequentially).
Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
February 08, 2017, 03:49:06 AM
Nah, just bug fixes and such as this point. The final release (v1.0) was about 4 months ago now.
Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
February 07, 2017, 02:39:50 PM
That's awesome Renkineko - thanks!

And of course you're in the credits! You helped me with a lot of scripts, and I basically used your Lost Woods map :)
Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
February 07, 2017, 06:29:25 AM
Thanks for the great instructions, Ezka!

I've also taken the opportunity to release version 1.2 (sorry for the delay), so both links will now lead to the download of that version.
Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
January 17, 2017, 12:46:17 AM
I don't believe there's anything in the Tower of Winds that requires the Mausoleum item, but it's in the Goron area of Death Mountain in the east :)
Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
January 02, 2017, 04:48:55 PM
I double checked that image, and it is of a heart piece - all of the heart piece chests use the same script. I did end up adding another icon to the second message that visually indicates how many pieces you have.

Major functionality like this won't be changed since the game has been released. I will note that your sword's "radius" (the amount of stuff you can hit with a swing) increases as you upgrade your sword - it essentially gets longer. If you've started a new game and you have the starter sword, it's going to feel a little weird :)

Please log future issues to the project's Gihub at I'd like to keep this thread for discussion and help. Thanks!
Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
December 28, 2016, 06:02:59 AM
I believe this is fixed (worked on my test play-through just fine) and will be released in the next version.
I can confirm that MetalZelda's code works perfectly. Make sure that when you set up your custom entity on the map, you assign the sprite you'd like it to have there. Thanks MetalZelda!

Code (lua) Select

local entity = ...
local game = entity:get_game()

-- Stone pile: a pile of stones which
-- can only be blown apart by a bomb.

function entity:on_created()
  local sprite = self:get_sprite()
  self:set_size(32, 32)
  self:set_origin(16, 27)
  self:add_collision_test("touching", function(self, other)
    if other:get_type() == "explosion" or (other:get_type() == "hero" and game:get_hero():get_state() == "running") then

  function sprite:on_animation_finished(animation)
    if animation == "destroy" then entity:remove() end