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I was able to track down the related game on

You can download and test the game. It's still working on Windows 7. Didn't play enough to see the underwater effect in use anyway.
Just for reference purpose, here's a really old doc that explain how to implement a lot of special effects in a 2D RPG game.

The code relies on DirectDraw so it's not really usefull as is but it may give a good starting point for the math calculation involved.

The text is in french.
IIRW, GCW Zero port is based on 1.3 and already use SDL2, LUA JIT and IT music but you're right, it should be updated. Unfortunately, Shin-Nil seems to have disapeared from a while  :'(.
Bugs & Feature requests / Re: Bug: Solarus DX
August 12, 2015, 09:31:35 AM
I encounter the same behaviour with GCW port of the engine (probably as the GCW Zero is weaker than any of my PC) and I found that changing it to ogg music seems to make things a bit better.
Game art & music / Re: Quest Creation Companion Tools
August 08, 2015, 03:06:59 PM
Name: GraphicsGale
Description: It's a standalone pixel editor and animation tool.

GraphicsGale his not free (it's a shareware with a quite low fee) but the free version is not time limited and has only one missing option which is gif export (that's not really a problem since we'll export in png format)

Animated gif export can anyway be usefull for illustration purpose on websites.
Sorry for posting in an old thread but i thought it was better than starting a new post.

Shin-Nil hasn't breen active on solarus or dingoonity forums for quite a while now so I was asking myself if you could help me with updating solarus engine on the GCW Zero.

I have zero experience in compiling (without speaking about cross compiling) but have access to a pc dual booting Win7/linux mint.

It should also be noted that lately a GCW simulator was built so you can run native applications for the GCW Zero via QEMU on a computer.
We'd like to announce a new column, written by Dmitry Smagin: "Running GCW Zero applications with QEMU". Now you can try OpenDingux on your computer!

Unfortunately, I doesn't support SDL2 ATM.

I also made little changes to the ZSDX to better reflect GCW zero layout but it needs a little polishing.
Thanks for any help.
The problem seems to entirely rely on the missing SSE2 instruction set (not on OS)

Unfortunately, the socket A doesn't support any cpu with the needed SSE2 instructions (it would have been a really cheap upgrade otherwise, even for 10 computers).

If you were able to compile the quest editor, you could perhaps remove the need for that set but performance will probably suffer.
I guess it would be also easier to compile on linux.

I found an interesting thread regarding QT and SSE2 instructions :

Maybe it could be usefull to have a solarus quest editor build for x86 without sse2 support for compatibility an one build for x64 with sse2 (which is mandatory with 64 bits cpu) for performance.
But maybe it's too much hassle for supporting really old hardware.
Hi, I recently upgraded an old shuttle K45 that died (power supply and motherboard). I choose to go with a 80+ power supply and and cpu integrated motherboard (Asrock Q1900ITX).

The upgrade was a bit more expensive since it's an itx design with a specific power supply. I guess you could find some upgrade for maybe less than 100 $ by reusing the same case/power supply/hdd and going for used ram on ebay.

I understand that there's no budget for that but I guess there's a lot of saving on the power consumption side. My Asrock with a certified power supply and a not too expensive ssd use less than 10W on idle (which is 10x less than my old celeron). For a computer running a powerpoint all day long in a store, I guess the upgrade will be paid in less than two years...

Or maybe ask for people having old but not so old computer waiting in their basement...
Bugs & Feature requests / Re: Text Aliases
May 05, 2015, 06:29:20 PM
Thanks for the answer.

You're right that there is not very much text that require aliases in ZSDX and ZSXD so it may be easier to alter text on the packages used by GCW zero port (and maybe remove the option screen). I guess that we should also edit sprites for hud to match GCW default mapping.

I hope that Shin-nil could port it so we can see if there's a increase in performance (we used to suffer from cuts in music when switching maps and there was also a strange bug with text being randomly messed up since SDL2/lua JIT port).

BTW, great job on the editor side !
Bugs & Feature requests / Text Aliases
May 05, 2015, 04:40:34 PM
Could you add text aliases for better handling specific OSes

Currently on GCW zero, face buttons on the console are internally refered as keyboard strokes :  left cont/left alt/left shif/space/return/left/right/up/down

I would like those to be displayed as button A/button B/button X/button Y/button Start/Left/Right/Up/Down on the Option Menu.
Maybe we could have a per OS file that could convert the on screen aliases without messing with the internal code ?

Also, it could be great to have something similar in dialog boxes :

-- Dialogue avec la femme au chignon
  id = "outside_world.village.chignon_woman",
  skip = "all",
  text = [[
Quand l'icône bleue
apparaît, elle indique
ce que tu peux faire en
appuyant sur la touche
Action (espace).
Selon ce que tu es en
train d'examiner, tu
peux faire différentes
actions comme regarder,
parler avec quelqu'un,
lire une pancarte,
soulever un vase...
Observe bien l'icône
bleue pour savoir quand
tu peux interagir avec
ton environnement !

Could be replaced by :

-- Dialogue avec la femme au chignon
  id = "outside_world.village.chignon_woman",
  skip = "all",
  text = [[
Quand l'icône bleue
apparaît, elle indique
ce que tu peux faire en
appuyant sur la touche
Selon ce que tu es en
train d'examiner, tu
peux faire différentes
actions comme regarder,
parler avec quelqu'un,
lire une pancarte,
soulever un vase...
Observe bien l'icône
bleue pour savoir quand
tu peux interagir avec
ton environnement !

where &[Alias:action] would be replaced with the matching alias on runtime.

What do you think about it ?
Development / More built-in game actions ?
February 25, 2015, 03:56:48 PM
Could it be possible to allow more built-in game action so that it better fits more gaming style.
I guess those game command could remain unactive in the current implentation of zelda solarus.

Here's what I can think :
"action": Contextual action such as talking, swimming, throwing, etc.
"attack_1": Main attack (using the sword).
"attack_2": Secondary attack (using custom entity ?)
"backstab": Stealth attack
"dodge": Prevent damage
"pause": Pausing or unpausing the game. (real freeze of the game)
"menu": Access or escape last selected menu (may replace current pause)
"map": Direct access to the map
"inventory": Direct access to the inventory
"status": Direct access to the quest's status
"options": Direct access to option menu
"item_1": Using the equipment item placed in slot 1 (see game:get_item_assigned())
"item_2": Using the equipment item placed in slot 2 (see game:get_item_assigned())
"right": Moving to the right.
"left": Moving to the left.
"up": Moving to the top.
"down": Moving to the bottom.
"next": Perform next action
"previous": Perform previous action

"custom1": Perform custom action 1 (scripted)
"custom2": Perform custom action 2 (scripted)
"custom3": Perform custom action 3 (scripted)
"custom4": Perform custom action 4 (scripted)

next and previous could have a different behaviour whether you're inside or outside the menu.

Currently I would like to use the following game command to improve playability on mobile devices :
- menu : access last selected menu (mapped on start button for example)
- map : direct access to the map (mapped on select button for example)
- previous and next : switch between map/inventory/status/option when in menu

I understand adding more built-in game action would require that option menu should be made scrollable to fit the added action (even if all are not made available)

I opened an issue on github.

Thanks !
Bugs & Feature requests / Re: Solarus features ?
September 25, 2014, 02:42:09 PM
Thanks for pointing it !

I'm still in the very early process of learning how to use the engine so I guess I still have lots to discover.

Anyway, the video tutorial are really a great way to lean the engine. I'm french so it's easier.

Bugs & Feature requests / Re: Solarus features ?
September 25, 2014, 12:17:45 PM
I'm more thinking about something like Wayward Souls so I guess I should use custom entities to handle attacks and items.
Wayward Souls uses only one character at a time but their attack differs greatly.

The game is on sales on google play (en France) for 1,40 € and it worth it.

BTW could you add support for more buttons (or keyboard keys) so that we can map those (I would like to be able to use L and R on GCW Zero)
For example I would like to be able to switch menu pages on Zelda Solarus DX with L/R (could be mapped on pageup/pagedown on PC)

Anyway thanks for the answer. Since I am way from being able to faithfully recreate such a game, I guess solarus engine will see many improvements meanwhile. It's already great currently.

Bugs & Feature requests / Solarus features ?
September 24, 2014, 04:20:16 PM

I'm quite interested into making my own game but I don't want it to be a Zelda Alttp clone. Could you tell me if the following features seems achievable with the current version on the engine or if some changes in the c++ core would need to be done.

Here's some of the features I'm interested in :

- I would like some rogue like features or a mix between A-RPG and rogue like : I don't need true ramdomly generated dungeons but I guess I may need a way to ramdomly load maps that can be created by hand.
- I may need several playable characters (only one at a time) with different abilities (let's say warrior, archer, mage, thief...)
- Idealy, I may need the amount of gold to be shared between characters
- each character may have different strong, max health, max magic and so on...
- I would like to have for each character :
* normal attack
* special attack by long pressing the attack button
* two special abilities (assigned on two more butons) : like throwing axes, using shield, magical attack...
special events (assignable through menu on a fourth button) like health potion, invincibility, temporary rising attack power...
*ability should be character specific

- breakable treasures and gold magnet
- ability to choose equipment through menu with visual effect (more than 3 tunic)
- maybe light and particle effect (through lua ?)
- some kind of simple achievements (time to beat a dungeon, time to defeat a boss, number of ennemies killed...)

Ramdomly generated dungeon is not mandatory (some games like cladun : this is a rpg could be used as a reference where dungeons are not ramdomly done and yet it can be seen as a mix between A-RPG and rogue like).

I'm still learning the making with the engine so I'm way back before missing features may be problematic.

I guess I will start with a small project like a zelda sokoban.

Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
August 09, 2014, 01:31:15 PM

could you please provide another mirror.

My download keeps reseting from google drive  :-\.