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General discussion / Just a few questions from a humble newbie
« on: April 04, 2020, 11:36:36 PM »
Hi every one, I just registered a few minutes ago ^^
I would like to create a "demake" of tloz Twilight Princess, and I am a complete noob in making games, so I 1 it won't be out any time soon ^^', and 2 I'd have a few questions if you may allow me :

1. Given the style, what size would you make the tiles/sprites in order for it to look good ? (I want to avoid to use any Toon Link ones, they don't quite fit to this game)

2. Would you rather use the original ost, a more "snes sounding" arrangement I could make or even a re-orchestration that would sound better than the original ?

Thanks in advance to those who will listen to me humble request, in my quest-making quest ^^ (that's a lot of quests over there...)

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