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Bugs & Feature requests / Some Ideas so I Can Help
January 05, 2019, 01:52:57 AM
Hello everyone, I've been helping out a bit with some issues. Actually just some issues from GitLab. I am planning on making my own Solarus game, but for now I'm just helping out with the engine. So this year I might just continue to ask for issues, but I have some ideas to for new features/upgrades I could work on and I would like input on how useful/doable these sound.

Template Lua API: I am still learning Solarus, but I know template shenanigans. I am fairly confident I could significantly cut down on the amount of code in the API files. I haven't proven it will work yet but in my sketch of the idea I was able to create universal functions that handled many of the API functions. This could be used to replace many of the existing functions or reduce them to a single line forward if the functions are kept for clarity.

make uninstall: I know basically nothing about this except that it seemed to be missing. But I think being able to clean up for a fresh install would be nice.

Editor Metadata: This one is the biggest jump. Create a space/more space for project data that is not part of the final game. Might even go in a "meta/" or "editor/" directory beside "data/". Many I ideas I've had so far might be handled elsewhere (entities and enemies are pretty forced so stamps/prefabs aren't as useful). The one I am pretty sure hasn't been covered is multiple start scripts, only one is in the actually game but you have others for debugging & testing. Maybe some more editor configuration options would be good.

I just remembered the other crazy idea I had here, but it was some editor hooks for entities that the editor could call to help with editing. The motivating example was jumpers, the distance they sent the hero was set in a pop-up as a number. I would love to be able somehow click and drag that on the map view but that would require... I'm not sure what yet.

And that is what I have so far. The first I am pretty confident in if people want it done. Others not so much but I thought I would run them by people. And if none of them work I will ponder more ideas and take some issues in the mean time.