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Development / Solarus 1.6 early?
September 02, 2018, 03:11:53 AM
One of my friends messaged me saying that he found Solarus 1.6 early. I was confused and I don't know how that would be possible unless part of the dev team, and he sent me this link: I went on the site and saw Solarus 1.6 "snapshot" zips. Are these really 1.6 beta or something?
I'm not gonna give off many specific details in case this spoiler still kind of matters, but I found out the use of the Bone Key accidentally in Dungeon 8, and I love the huge nostalgia trip to LTTP! This felt even more amazing since I found it by mistake, and I love what you guys did for the journey to the upgrade.
Development / How to make a debug mode?
June 21, 2018, 04:11:57 AM
I wanted to make a small debug mode in my quest. If you press a certain key, (in my case "m") you can press for example the number keys to get more hearts on the spot. I was thinking that I would use this in game_manager since I need the datatype "game" for "game_set_life(number)." I was trying to use a boolean with debug_mode being a variable and pressing "m" if debug_mode is true allows the extra commands, and the opposite as well to turn off debug mode, but it wasn't working for me. How could I do this?
I am doing this for Mac, and I have made my custom icon as a .icns file. When I replace the .icns file in the app with my custom icon, it doesn't work. (note the .icns file is still called Solarus.icns, which was the same as the one the app came with) Did I go wrong somewhere? Is there a possibility that I had to edit info.plist for it to work or something? The other games by the Solarus team have the same thing and their custom icon works fine.

EDIT: Also the weirdest thing is when I move the app to trash the .icns file works, but when I put the app back it doesn't work again.
So in Zelda XD2 when I equip the Feather and try to use it, it doesn't always send me in the direction I wanted to go. Now, I know that something similar happened with the Pegasus Boots where it wasn't working properly and you had to get the laces to fix it. Is that the case with the Feather as well, or something else?
I was downloading Zelda XD2 for Mac and opened it after it finished downloading. I noticed it was only in French at first, so I though maybe the language can be changed in the options menu after I chose a file, and I checked and couldn't find anything. I also downloaded the version for all systems, and it wasn't in english, and I was told it was available in english now. How can I find the english version of XD2? Did I miss something?
Just wanna see how much people use with my OS compared to others and stuff.