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General discussion / A good pixel app online
« on: June 24, 2014, 07:50:22 AM »
A was stumble upon and I found this website, allowing you to create your own sprite quite easily. The interface is quite clear and simple, you can easily add new frame to your animation and you can preview all of this. You can export online or on your computer, as gif or png and with the detailed frame (one file per frame) or a complete spritesheet of what you done. I'm seduced by this web app, my only problem is I am such a bad graphist! :p

The link :

It's totally free and I hope it will help, as it's easier to use than Gimp (in my opinion). Of course, it's less powerful than Gimp but to make quickly some sprites, it's better (and once exported, you still can modify them on gimp :p).


Development / Making a more-than-two answers possible question
« on: September 06, 2013, 09:05:08 AM »

This morning I was thinking : In the case of a multiple answers question, like a
"Choose how many
bombs you would
like to buy
> 1 bomb
> 3 bombs
> 10 bombs"
Well here it's a silly example with the shop system in the game, but if you want to extrapolate on another style, you could have an enigma with a NPC asking :
"What is my name ?


You have the idea. Do you think it's possible to pass some value with dialog and not only "true" or "false". In the second case, you could even pass 2 false and 1 true because there is only one good answer, but still I don't think the actual engine enable this... Is there a trick or is it impossible to make more-than-2-answers-question ? In the second case, may I open an issue to enable 3 answers (or more, all depend of the size of the dialog box and the number of lines it can contain, so let's say N-answers) questions ?

I saw the menu option and it could fit, but that's not a dialog and in my example, there could be lot of text before the question is asked... So I'm not sure menu are really the good way to do it

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