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Yes, I've joined it already. People have been very helpful, and I'm excited to learn more about this engine and finally turn my pet project into the game it was meant to be!
Thank you!

I found out about the existence of Solarus from a user called kory_toombs. Perhaps you know him?
General discussion / A new member joins the fray!
May 27, 2019, 01:09:31 PM
Hello everyone!

I am Jeroen_Sol. I come from the faraway land of because I realized one of my pet projects (will probably make a post about that in the near future) needed an engine more suited to Action Adventure games. So I've started to (try to) remake it in Solarus. I'm already very excited just dabbling in the engine! The movement is great, and I'm loving the small 8x8 grid for tiles much more than RPGmaker's 32x32 tiles.

I haven't ever dabbled in lua before, so I'm sure I'll have lots of questions about both lua and the editor in general. Where would I go with questions about those? I noticed you have a Discord server. Would that be the place?

Excited to meet you all!