Running Solarus on your Android using wine with Ubuntu

Started by Zefk, August 19, 2016, 08:31:31 PM

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Before you read below. You do not have to root your device, but it might be a little slower. I will talk about the root option too, and give a video link for it. Both methods drain your batter like crazy, so keep your android plugged in.

My thoughts:
I am not 100% sure, but you should be able to run Solarus on your Android without rooting your Smartphone using WINE. I am highly against the word "smartphone" because they are basically microcomputers just like laptops. I think the name is for marketing purposes. I can call phones with my laptop and that does not make it a smartphone.

Does it run decently?:
The Ubuntu Precise version works best in my opinion. It always has on all my computers. It is quite smooth depending on how much ram your android has. At least for the root method, but I do not think many people want to take a chance at bricking their android as they try to root it.

About root:

Rooting is good in many ways because on my Androids there is 200 MB of RAM and 30MB of internal storage being wasted by system apps that are useless and cannot be uninstalled. For instance, the old google+ messenger and other Google plus apps that do not work. Android is opensource and people should be allowed to have full control over it.

Two ways:
I know of two ways of doing this.

1. No root.
2. Rooting your phone.

System Specs:
I recommend at least 5-6 GB of storage and 1-2 GB of RAM for both methods.

No root:
1) Install Bochs.apk  (dont open)
2) Install  (extract the folder and put folder "SDL" in the directory "Memory Device" E.g. SD card
3) Download Ubuntu.img
4) Put "Ubuntu.img" in the "SDL" folder
5) Rename "ubuntu.img" to "c.img"
6) Start Bochs

Bochs and SDL
Download Ubuntu IMG

Root Method:
That video will be more clear than me. I never tried this method.

I hope this helped someone or maybe it opened your mind a little to more possibilities.