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Development / Re: Transparent dynamic tiles
« on: May 16, 2020, 01:37:12 PM »
I am no expert, but from what I learnt so far (I asked myself the same question), I came up with two options, and both require two versions of the tiles, one opaque and one transparent.

The first is to use opaque dynamic tiles on top of your transparent ones, the former disappearing via a lua script when you are in the right area. That would be area specific, which is great, and if you are patient enough, you could may be create some kind of fading animation with timers, different transparency levels of tiles and timers.

The second is brute-forcing your way : create your map, make a copy, replace the tiles with the transparent ones and place teleporters/create a script to teleport in and out the alternative map with no transition. Simpler, but if you have several areas like this near one another, they will all be visible at the same time, which is kinda weird.

I think you already came up with something, but let us say I'm thinking out loud ^^

General discussion / Re: Just a few questions from a humble newbie
« on: April 05, 2020, 03:06:28 PM »
Yes I wanted to watch the toturials but I saw the new one was coming and I thought it would be a lot more different, I'll be sure to check !

And I was planning to do some tests, I am a complete noob  ^^'

Thanks for the reply :)

General discussion / Just a few questions from a humble newbie
« on: April 04, 2020, 11:36:36 PM »
Hi every one, I just registered a few minutes ago ^^
I would like to create a "demake" of tloz Twilight Princess, and I am a complete noob in making games, so I 1 it won't be out any time soon ^^', and 2 I'd have a few questions if you may allow me :

1. Given the style, what size would you make the tiles/sprites in order for it to look good ? (I want to avoid to use any Toon Link ones, they don't quite fit to this game)

2. Would you rather use the original ost, a more "snes sounding" arrangement I could make or even a re-orchestration that would sound better than the original ?

Thanks in advance to those who will listen to me humble request, in my quest-making quest ^^ (that's a lot of quests over there...)

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