How to set up solarus on raspberry pi

Started by Ezka, October 24, 2016, 06:41:36 PM

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I know that it is possible to set it up on raspberry pi through retro pie. However i am a noob with code and the git hub site that shows the code I dont know what to do with. Could someone explain how to set up solarus engine on retro pie?

Here is the git hub:


Are you wanting to dev or just play?
If its dev then its pointless using Retropie just to launch it, also you must have Ubuntu installed. The standard Retropie builds won't work as everyone I have used is built on Raspbian (there may be Retropie builds built on Ubuntu I'm not sure).
If its just to play games then not sure if same rule of having Ubuntu installed applies, you could just try running the script on git hub that will pull everything needed to run the 3 games it downloads.
Pressing F4 while in Retropie/emulationstation will take you to the Retropie cmd line from there you can run the script.

Hope this helps somehow :)