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Started by Mosky, September 25, 2016, 07:05:10 PM

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Hi I'm playing Mystery of Solarus DX on Android on a Samsung Galaxy S5+ (G901F kccat6 ARMv7a) in lollipop (5.0.2)
So far is working really well and I'm enjoying it a lot. Sometimes the speed seems to slow down (like when running after throwing the boomerang) but is a minor problem that doesn't affect the game at all.

The problem are the controls:

The HUD displays items with keys associated (X, C, V...), but the actual buttons have different keys (numbers) associated and different colours. As we are not playing with a keyboard the information of the keys is really confusing because the disposition, colour and keys associated are completely different between the HUD and the buttons.
I will suggest to change the numbers and colours of the buttons to the ones of the HUD.

The perfect solution will be to merge both things, but it will be more work that just changing the colours and keys. Why having redundant information in a touch screen? I think it will be really easy and intuitive if the HUD was a little bigger and at the bottom right, where the buttons (1 to 5) are now. Then the HUD will actually be the buttons and you will know at any moment which button to push.
Like in despite of the button "1" having the blue action button, in despite of "2" see the green (sword) button and in despite of "5" an orange-pause button. And finally seeing in the very same button (3 and 4) which item do you have assigned.

Also the D-pad is really very difficult to handle. I know this issue is really common and difficult to adjust in a touch screen, but is making the game unbeatable. Almost every time I need Link to face a cliff he ends up falling, and doing the jewel house time race (and similar)  is impossible because of this. Probably it just need a little less sensitivity so Link doesn't go more that 1 position forward every time you press and in a straight line. It may be also useful to check other displays as the one in Adventure Time game (Heroes of Ooo), Fairune or Across Age.

I hope you don't find this bothering an it actually helps.
If you want more feedback. Please say so.
Thanks for this awesome game!


The game was not designed for mobile devices, so we are already lucky that an android port just works. Our new projects will be adapted with a clickable hud and the hero controlled by touching the screen.

That's cool! It will really improve the game.

Hello can somebody tell me how to get play solarus on a
Mobile device thank you.

There is a work in progress app, that is not finished yet. Here is the latest build:
It should work in most cases, but please be aware that it's not a finished product.