Solarus on a RPi ?

Started by MetalZelda, May 28, 2016, 12:30:06 PM

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I do have seen some april fool in the french board (,23111.0.html) and it is kinda awesome, even for a fake.
So I was thinking, I am about to start a project that imply a Raspberry Pi Zero and some crap to do a small, portable linux console, and the RPI Zero is one of a kind (only 5€/$).
Yet, no one has tested to run Solarus nor one of it's made project on these little hardware, and I am here to ask if anyone has tested Solarus on these hardware and some feedbacks about it.

Hardware (most important)
512Mb Ram
1Ghz CPU

There is more information here.


Obviously, it was an April's Fools. But it is not impossible to build. Actually, it is quite feasible. The console we use to make these pictures is this one, by Rasmushauschild, so congrats to him for making such a beautiful console. It works with the RetroPie distribution, which is a distribution specialized in retro-gaming emulation. And as you may know, Solarus works now on RetroPie! The last missing thing is the little "Solatrix" sticker, but you can print it with the logo above. So now you can build your own Solatrix console!

We have not tested it on Raspberry Pie. It would be great if you try and tell us your experience !

Hi there.

I compiled Solarus yesterday on my raspberry Pi.
I'm running retropie on it (for obvious reason) and wanted to give a try to your awsome work.

Looks great at the moment. I see a little stutter on the Logo screen where the clouds are scrolling. Played a bit with the game, looks fantastic...
Three technical question though.

  • I have a mouse icon that appears in the top left corner? any idea why and how I can get rid of it (as far as I understood Solarus does not need a mouse)
  • Solarus is not centered on the screen but put in the bottom left corner. Any config file I need to fiddle with?
  • Gamepad direction works, but not the button. How do I set up the gamepad button? did not found anything on the forum about it... Or do I need to use joy2key? I don't mind, I just would have prefered a native solution :)

Thanks for the great work! :)