Id like to create book to help beginners about solarus editor

Started by 20degree, September 06, 2015, 06:35:39 PM

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Nope, Children of Solarus is not the sample quest. As you say,  Children of Solarus will be the remake of MoS with free art. The sample quest is distributed with the engine (it can be found in the same github repo as Solarus).
"If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you. But if you really make them think, they'll hate you."

This is my mistake. Now I understand why it was illogical to report sample quest bugs to the Children of Solarus project. I will go ahead and correct my error.


You seem to know things about laws? You say i can put images of Nintendo as Zelda a Link to the Past, because of some Japanese rules.

Because my idea is simply do some printscreens of Solarus, after do some printscreens of the things as "importing the pack ALTTP" so it's Nintendo image and so on. Mostly oriented as a free pdf guide none official solarus, that the basic question is mostly "How to do this/that".

I wonder if under the Japanese Rules, if it cover also International Country Rules. This because the pdf guide can be online on the web, downloadable, saved for safe keeping; and be shared if wanted?

Here is some terms and agreements i have writen (note that i'm not an expert, i just see sometimes theses into some books):
The content in this guide is for your information and doesn't have an exhaustive characterization of the software. It is only for giving you some basic knowledge to understand more, how to do this...; with the software. The editor, writer and others can not be held responsible for all the errors or/and part errors and others. The images in this document were found on the web with the keyword "Free" and some other images and more in this file are also considered Free and available thank's to some peoples and the web.

Even if the content is free, it doesn't give you and others, the right to use the document files freely, dismantle and others at any time. This Ebook is free, can be distributed freely, saved for safe keeping. No money is made from it and can be made of it.

Thank's to the peoples from, that have helped me to understand more this great software. Also for giving me authorization to take images to put into the pages. Note that it is not an official Solarus guide. The images of the game Zelda a Link to the Past belong to Nintendo, it's a game that i like very much. Note that the author dont make any profits of any kinds at any times from this document and it's content. This book can not be sold by any ones, can not be profitable.

Also you agree to not pursue, not sue, ask money and others; the persons making this document possible. Note that you also agree all terms, conditions and others that can be modified, added, deleted  and others at any times by the author of this book. This is writen to protect the peoples of Solarus, of Nintendo as my self.

I wonder what peoples think of terms as does? Should i add/modify things? It's important for me to know, this to respect Solarus, to respect Nintendo and mostly to protect my self.

Thank's for your time.


It might be best to keep it simple.

"The Zelda assets are owned by Nintendo. They are used under non-commercial and press purposes under Japanese law. I hold no responsibility on how the book affects others."

Something like that should be fine. I doubt Nintendo will run after you. The most they do will tell you to remove their content. They are civilized.

I would suggest setting up the book on Github. It is based on coding, so it should be okay. That way people can submit code or documents you can add to the main book.

I dont know what is Github and how it work (create Github, load things, etc). I feel so much tiny right now because of my miss of experience.


Quote from: 20degree on August 17, 2016, 10:49:56 AM
I dont know what is Github and how it work (create Github, load things, etc). I feel so much tiny right now because of my miss of experience.


Github is actually quite easy to use. You might need to practice a bit and ask questions. Otherwise, people can submit material to this post.

When i have simply "take a look" at i have seen the word "pricing" and it say the minimum by month it cost is 7$/month. I'm not sure if i should because i dont have some money. Life cost very much, so using Github make me step back. A+

No, you are wrong. Normal accounts on github are free (zero-price).
"If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you. But if you really make them think, they'll hate you."

I have created some Github and have seen the "Hello Readme Example", so ive done what they have said to do. Create a repository, create some Readme file, create some Readme-Edits branch. Still i dont understand at all Github. How can i upload the pdf guide of 3 pages only for now? I really dont know anythings about Github, all i see is some statistics graphs, wiki, just clicking link's that i dont know what it is used for, because the "Hello Readme Example" dont indicate everything. I'm truly a beginner with Github. Here is the url:

Here is a little example of the background look of a none official solarus guide created at a temporary link:


I think it is possible to upload files with drag-and-drop, so it should not be that hard for you to upload the file there. (That was not possible some time ago, but they added that feature recently, one year ago or so if I am not wrong.)
"If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you. But if you really make them think, they'll hate you."

The background image of the page ive made is very like the free pdf guide ive created, that peoples can find on google called: "Milkshape3d pdf guide". The difference i have made is the interior zone, it have taken me some time to put the zelda asset character; make it repeat as some checker board. Also i have put the Solarus image over the zelda repeated character. All of this behind some white zone, that i have put the transparency of the white; so it show the zelda asset and the solarus into. But white at some level so it should be able to read the text over the zone. This beside put some printscreen image, so as that peoples can visualize the image; and read the text associated to it explaining steps "How to do this/that".

I wonder what the things peoples would like to know "How to do this/that?" with the Solarus Quest Maker. Me i know a lot of questions i would ask as a beginner that would be on the subject. How to import Zelda assets, How to create a quest, How come when ive imported Zelda assets i see some "Question Mark Icon", How to create some story in the beginning as Zelda Solarus DX that can be skippable, How to program a menu, How to create maps, How to create events, How to build a character that would sell items, How to cut-lift some bush or rock, How to indicate that some rock can not be lift because need some gloves, How to shot some magic flame in the direction zelda look with some magic wand, How to activate-deactivate some blocks with some crystal color ball, etc. etc. etc.

So many questions. I'm sure many beginners as i am wander "How to do this.." and how to program it? Maybe peoples wander to know how to do things with Solarus. Me what ive just discover is nothing lolll, but ive notice "if i'm correct" that LUA when you do some programming there are parts that start with "function" and that it end with "end". Like some paragraph text that start with a capital and finish with a point.

If the book weight so much in MB, then it should have many books. Because some e-mail account can send file that are less then 5MB. So if there would want to share, i must think about the content as number of pages, images size and quality, etc.

If there are peoples that would teach "steps by steps" things as "How to do this/that" with some printscreens it could help me understand more solarus, it could help others also; even could give me great ideas to put trough the pages for this amazing software. I always wanted to create a Super Nes Zelda style game, to make some friends play it for fun; and helping peoples that would like to create there own Solarus Quest would make me happy. Because i understand the feeling of beiing proud about creating it's own game and make others play it.


I have tryed to "drag-and-drop" from my window to my firefox browser Github window, and it say doing so "save as" and ask to what directory on my computer to save the file. Strange! It's not on my pc that i want to save my own file, put to put it on Github. I must be doing something wrong, but what must i do? Like i say i'm a beginner with Github.

You should use google whenever you don't know how to do something. It is practically omniscient :D.
Anyway, to upload a file go to your repo -> "Code" tab -> "upload files" tab, there you will see in big letters "Drag files here... blablabla".
"If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you. But if you really make them think, they'll hate you."

Thank's Dirandor

There is many things i must learn, here is the open document made with open office descriptions:

I wonder how come it is in the Master the file and not the other branch? I feel like so tiny in my short, beside peoples knowledges with Github loll. At this time i must do some groceries, gonna try probably later some experiment to understand Github.

Thank's for the help!