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Started by Zeror, June 24, 2015, 01:14:12 PM

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I'm kinda new to Solarus, but it looks promising already after watching a few tutorials. I'm really excited on starting to create my own Zelda-like adventure.

But i've got a question/feature request:
Would it be possible to distribute a game to mobile platforms like Android, iOS or Windows Phone? Solarus runs already on many platforms, so i figured out it wouldn't be impossible to do so. What do you think?

I would love to get my created adventure on my mobile phone/tablet. Ofcourse that would require a few things. Like a new viewport dimension (mobile resolution), touchscreen support, create install package (APK-file for android for example), etc..

Can this be done? Or could this be a future feature?

There is an old Android port of Solarus 1.1 and it works well with virtual buttons.
Touchscreen should will come in a future release, as well as an iOS port.
What is currently already possible is to choose the size of your quest screen: not necessarily 320x240, but whatever size you want, including sizes that fit a 16:9 screen.

Cool. Do you know how that APK file is created?

(Sorry for the delay)

So the Android port use an (now very old) port of the SDL to Android:, that how we get the on-screen buttons "for free".

Indeed it needs some updating, I'll get to it when I find some time for it :).

This is great news. I was a little worried about not being able to port to android.  :)
Solarus Works on ReactOS Opensource Windows OS

sam, I would love it if you updated the Android version. I can't finish the final dungeon due to timing issues.... Also bring the other games to Android ;)

I was wondering. Is it possible to convert a Solarus project to Unity or something in some way. Maybe tools needs to be created for it. UNity has great options if it comes to exporting to different platforms.

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I think that would make it so you would have to follow the unity license and might be more work or not allowed.
Solarus Works on ReactOS Opensource Windows OS

I would say no to Unity. It would eliminate several existing and possible ports and also castrate the current GPL benefits.