Author Topic: [possible bug] Custom entity traversing when set to false?  (Read 482 times)


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[possible bug] Custom entity traversing when set to false?
« on: April 26, 2017, 07:38:10 am »
I set both custom entities not to traverse  "custom_entity".
Code: Lua
  1. entity:set_can_traverse("custom_entity", false)

They still traverse unless I set traversable to false:
Code: Lua
  1. self:set_traversable_by(false)

I set both entities to traverse "custom_entity" when traversable is false and as you can see...they do not traverse.
Code: Lua
  1.  entity:set_can_traverse("custom_entity", true)

It works with the hero. If I set the entities to not traverse the "hero", then they do not traverse the hero.
Code: Lua
  1. entity:set_can_traverse("hero", false)

Both entities in the case of the hero are set to traversable true.
Code: Lua
  1. self:set_traversable_by(true)

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