Author Topic: [SPRITE SHEET] Hyrule Castle Tower Soldiers & Spear Soldiers  (Read 294 times)


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[SPRITE SHEET] Hyrule Castle Tower Soldiers & Spear Soldiers
« on: March 30, 2017, 08:10:14 pm »
I thought I'd share with you a new type of soldier for Solarus--the Hyrule Castle Tower soldiers.

These soldiers were basically the same as the sword-carrying soldiers scattered all over Hyrule in A Link to the Past, except these were only seen inside Hyrule Castle tower, and unlike their brothers, these guys held their sword up high and had different helmets as well.

I created these sprites because they barely exist outside of single poses from search engines.  The only place I was able to find more than one pose of these guys was on a single sprite sheet on the Spriters' Resource, so I decided to create an entire sheet for Solarus, in ten variants.  The simple soldiers have also been given the new helmets (Again, if you want to use these alongside existing soldiers, create copies of the sprites and scripts, then just assign the new copies to this sheet):

Script-wise, they function exactly like the regular soldiers who carry swords.  You can copy the scripts and assign them to the new sprites, or you may choose to overwrite the ones you already have for a more menacing looking soldier.  The choice is yours!

UPDATE! I added Spear soldiers now.  Again, these sprites use the same scripts as the soldiers do, and can be made from copies of the soldiers scripts, or as replacements to the soldiers:

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