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Cool, I am glad you like it :)
I will improve your princess also, just by changing some colors and minor improvements. I did it on my lunch time ^^
Another advice I could give, is that too much black lines (black pixels) is not good. For example, the hair, if it is blond or brown, can be draw with a line a bit darker around, but not black, to "lighten" the drawing visually.
Anyway, I am not very good at pixel art, but some rules that apply to drawing are the same  ;)

Don't improve the princess yet. I want to improve the leg movement before, so better to wait until then. (I also intend to add all the weapon animations for her, someday.)

@Neovyse: I guess that another of the good things is that the new (and cooler) version of the hero is very close to your drawing (isn't it?  ;D), so all will fit perfectly now).

Should I modify all the other animations with your style? or will be you who does it?

I see you found my inspiration source for the colors (my own drawing) !  :D
I can modify the others too. And OK for the princess :)

This is amazing guys!


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